Foreign Code

foreign code main mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Main Mission
Location The Node
REC. Level Level 17
Boss X-28 Havoc
Reward/s 65,000 XP
Prev. Mission Data Miner
Next Mission Trace Protocol

Foreign Code is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


I am sent to Onyx Void to learn exactly who and what they smuggled onto the planet.


Foreign Code Objectives

  1. Go to the Onyx Void Chapter House
  2. Access the Blimp Traffic Control Node
  3. Use the Back Entrance into the Onyx Void Chapter House
  4. Access the Onyx Void Subnet Terminal
  5. Go to the Dream World
  6. Follow the Shipping Master
  7. Go to the Cosmodrome
  8. Locate the Shipping Master
  9. Reach Docking Bay 94
  10. Shut the Docking Bay Gate
  11. Board the Wrecked Ship


Foreign Code Items


Foreign Code Related NPCs


Foreign Code Enemies


Foreign Code Walkthrough

Infiltrate the Onyx Void HQ

fast travel to the node foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Data Miner and once you leave dNexus. You'll receive a message from Noghead first telling you that yCrop may have some shady intentions and are not who they think they say. You'll then receive a message from Kira asking you to find out what the Onyx Void has smuggled onto the planet -  head to Highstreet and then travel by taxi or train to The Node.

hijack traffic control node foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon arriving, follow the waymarker and your IMP will asdvise you to create a diversion so that you can sneak in at the restricted area of the Onyx Void HQ. Follow the waymarker again by pinging it with the corresponding button you need to press until you reach the terminal that's linked to the Blimp Traffic Control Node. When you arrive, activate the bridge terminal to cross and then hijack the traffic control node to create a diversion - a short cutscene will trigger and your IMP will tell you that there's an alternate route that will take you to the back of the restricted section.

skill point location foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Again, ping the location and follow your waymarker until you reach the back entrance. You'll now find yourself at a locker room, check the lockers on the right to find some UCREDs and on the left on a shelf is x1 Advanced Component. After grabbing the item, head up the stairs and go inside the next room. Check the first room on the right to find x1 Skill Point on a table, the gym room doesn't have anything, so check the one at the end of the hallway which is a shooting range room to find a P9000 Roomsweeper - after clearing the area, follow the waymarker and you'll trigger a cutscene where you'll see 438 Hung speaking to a woman.

access subnet terminal foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

After the cutscene, head down to the room where 438 Hung was and access the subnet terminal to download the coordinates of the shipment you are looking for. After the IMP confirms the location, before going back outside from the back entrance, go south through the exit and go through the common area of the headquarters. Check the kitchen and you'll find a GR8 Fragmost Grenade tactical item on the counter - after grabbing the item, exit through the back entrance and proceed to the Dream World club that's located in the CorpZone.

The Dream World Club

dream world foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Be sure to prepare for this section since you'll fight against multiple enemies in the club such as Turbo Thugs, the Rojin, and a few Hammerhand enemies. Equip your strongest ballistic-based attack weapon here (a Shotgun and Machinegun weapon is recommended), bring the Rejuv Field tactical item if you want to have sustainability, and for Augmentations, Hyper Focus is a good augment to have since you can stop slow down incoming bullets, while having the Mono Ranger agument can assist you in combat.

spa entrance foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

After killing all the enemies in the club, go to the back exit and you'll see the target escaping. You're now tasked to follow The Shipping Master, go through the spa which is just infront of you and follow the waymarker. Inside the establishment Oeragata, you'll encounter more enemies here. Once you've killed the first batch of enemies, by the jacuzzi section, on the left, you'll find a red chest containing x1 Life Transfer Augmentation item. Next, proceed to the lockers section and kill the rest of the enemies. Don't forget to open the lockers to find UCREDs and random items, there's also an ED-30 Fintech Trousers on a bench inside the locker room - from here exit the spa and proceed to the helipad where you'll see an OV Drop Ship fly away as you arrive.

Stop the Shipping Master

locate the shipping master foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

You now need to stop the shipment from leaving and by doing so, travel to the docks of The Cosmodrome. You can fast travel there by train or taxi. Simply kill all the enemies you encounter and follow the waymarker until you reach the designated docks where the ship is about to take off, which is Docking Bay 94.

docking bay 94 foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon reaching the docking bay, head to the terminal and before hijacking it so that you can shut the gate, there's a red chest next to it which contains a PF-40 Velocity Helmet. After grabbing the item, interact with the panel and you'll see the ship crashing and hitting the gate. Now, make further preparations before heading down the ship. Make sure you have an energy-based weapon equipped, have the Mono Ranger augment, and for the rest, it's up to you on the Modules and Tactical Items you want to have equipped.

Boss Battle: X-28 Havoc

x d2 havoc boss foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Get ready to fight agiainst the X-28 Havoc. This boss can easily be defeated IF YOU ARE USING THE RIGHT WEAPON TYPE AGAINST IT. For this battle, you want to have an energy-based weapon since you are fighting a mechanical-type boss. The Mono Ranger can be helpful here since it draws the attention of the boss and it shoots energy rounds from its gun. This boss only has three attacks, first is a barrage of large missiles which you can easliy identify where it will land, just make sure you are not within its blast radius to avoid getting hit.

x d2 havoc missile cluster barrage foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

For the second attack, it will shoot a cluster of smaller missles which covers a large area. When this happens, again, make sure to dodge away from the blast radius. You'll easily see it marked on the ground in small circles. As for its third attack, it will summon these small wheel mecs that work similar to the small spiderbots when you fought the Megarachnoid.

When you see those small red dots appear on the mini-map quickly take it out! If you have the Mono Ranger on the field, then it can draw its attention and you can shoot it down while it's distracted, The Havoc likes to fly up into the air, so make sure to press the Right Mouse Button so that you can aim up and shoot - defeat this boss to board the wrecked ship and to obtain a Propulsion Leap augment that's dropped by this boss.

the shipping master foreign code main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon entering the wrecked ship, you'll trigger a cutscene where you'll find the shipping master. Kira then arrives at the scene where your character hands over The Shipping Master's head as "data" that she requires you to obtain. You'll complete this mission after the cutscene and will be rewarded with 65,000 XP - up next is Trace Protocol.


Foreign Code Notes & Tips

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