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CorpZone is a Location featured in The AscentLocations in The Ascent refer to all the specific areas within the futuristic arcology of Veles, which are now occupied by different Factions following the collapse of the mega-corporation, The Ascent Group. As a result, unique NPCs and Enemies can be found across different locations within The Ascent galaxy. This page serves to include all relevant information and data found in CorpZone.


CorpZone Information

For many loHabbers, the corpZone s all they will ever see of the true nature of the arcology and the Ascent Group - i.e. that the entire gigantic structure is in essence a huge corporate HQ. Behind the dark glossy facades of the corpZone office stacks, thousands of mid-level employees work grueling hours at their screens, generating, filtering, and trying to make sense of endless amounts of (sometimes pointless) data. This is the rank and file of the relentless corporate machine, far removed from the posh upper-tier offices, and perpetually stuck in a rat race to nowhere.

Here many other corporations maintain subsidiary offices for their ongoing dealings with the Ascent Group, and many stacks are adorned with corporate logos. The larger criminal organizations also maintain offices here and there is rampant corporate espionage ongoing between the many buildings.



NPCs in CorpZone

  • Taoka (Dream World Club)


Merchants in CorpZone


Enemies in CorpZone


Missions in CorpZone

Main Missions:

Side Missions:


Notes & Trivia in CorpZone

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