Items in The Ascent features a variety of units such as consumables, tactical items, crafting materials, and more. All types of items benefit the player in different ways, from acquiring effects that can aid you in battle down to upgrading and strengthening the maximum potential of your gear. Items in The Ascent are commonly obtained as loot from chests, dropped enemies, using vending machines, and purchased from certain merchants. This page covers a list of all items featured in The Ascent.



The Ascent All Items

Consumables are items that can be used to restore or replenish a Stat. These are usually obtained in one of three ways: Dropped by enemies, found inside crates and chests, and purchasing it from vending machines which are located in most areas.



Health Packs

Health Packs restore health and recover HP. Health Packs are colored red.

Energy Packs

Energy packs recover energy so that you can use Augments. EN packs are colored blue.

Tactical Recharge Packs

Tactical Recharge Packs recharge tacticals. Tactical Recharege packs are colored yellow.



Tactical Items

Tactical Items or Tacticals are a type of Weapon in The Ascent. Tacticals take up the Tactical slot rather than the Primary or Secondary Weapon, which are reserves for guns. These include different gadgets and throwables that can deal damage or apply a Status Effect. If you want to strengthen or increase the recovery charge of your tactical item, you should focus on upgrading the Cybernetics stat or equip armor pieces that boost the mentioned stat.



dps-box-icon-weapon-equipment-stat-the-ascent-wiki-guide Charge


G4 Frag Grenade


Lethal grenade
Explosive area damage.

The G4 is a basic and reliable fragmentation grenade. Handle according to instructions and do not juggle with the safety off. 

G6 Fragmore Grenade


Lethal grade. 
Explodes and leaves a fire behind.

The G9 Fragmore adds incendiary properties to the common G3 grenade, making it into a nifty room -clearing device for corpSec units locked in constant Stack wars.

GX-43 "Sweet Justice"


Lethal grenade.
Causes a sudden gravity fold which will crush anything within range.

Rapidly manipulates the mass value of atomic nuclei on a quantum level. Though an experimental weapon, the GX-43 soon found use with the gangs who lovingly call it "Sweet Justice."

Shockwave Grenade


Non-lethal grenade.
Stuns and knockback enemies.

A more powerful version of the standard stun-grenade, this little fella will also knock back whoever's trying to bash your brains in.

Stasis Drone


Applies stasis to its current target.

This companion drone will generate a stasis field around your chosen target, immobilizing them for you to toy with.

G92 EMP Grenade


Lethal grenade.
Causes energy damage and disables nearby electronics.

Also called the "Circucs Break", this grenade will put the light out on most chrome-freaks, mechs, turrets or bots coming at you. 

Rejuv Field


Non-lethal gadget.
Heals everyone within range, including enemies.

A wonder of advanced medical scanning and near-field cell-restoration, this handy aid will keep everyone within reach from leaking too much blood in a combat situation.

GR8 Fragmost Grenade


Lethal grenade.
Explosive area damage.

The GR8 is a buffed up and in many ways over-powered fragmentation grenade. Handle according to instructions and do not juggle with the safety off.

AT4 Auto Turret


Automatically tracks and attacks enemies within range.

The AT4 is a force multiplier made for understrength corpSec squads in need of a versatile support weapon. An adaptive on-board Sl minimizes friendly fire.

Pocket Mech


Lethal gadget.
Deploy an exoskeleton mech suit. 

Instaprints a fully functioning Ronin 3000 Mecha Suit. Let your enemies think they have the upper hand then surprise them with sudden and overwhelming firepower!

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