Arcology Blues

Mission Type Main Mission
Location Sub-Sector 41A
REC. Level Level 1
Boss Papa Feral
Reward/s 3,000 XP
Prev. Mission n/a
Next Mission Mutual Dependencies

Arcology Blues is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


While sent on a routine assignment to upodate the local waste management SI, the Player is caught in a vortex of catastrophic events.


Arcology Blues Objectives

  1. Reach the Waste Management System SI Control Room
  2. Investigate the Cause of SI Shutdown
  3. Purge Memory Banks
  4. Replace Interface Circuitry
  5. Reboot the SI
  6. Return to Cluster 13
  7. Access Datanet


Arcology Blues Items


Arcology Blues Related NPCs


Arcology Blues Enemies


Arcology Blues Walkthrough

The Waste Management


You journey beings as you arrive in Sub-Sector 41A, a waste management disposal area whete an ERRATIC behavior has been reported. You play as a worker of The Ascent group and you first task is to update the local waste management SI. The purpose of this mission is to show you what the game is all about, it introduces you to the basic and some advanced combat mechanics of the game, and provides you with various tutorials.


Proceed down the path and you'll formally begin this main mission and you'll hear stackBoss Poone in comms. Continue straight and then make a left where you'll see a robot rummaging through some trash on the right side of the path you just turned. On the opposite side of the robots, there's a small room, go inside and you'll find a Data Pad on the table, and you can aslo open the lockers to find a Weapon Skin: Sleek Black. After grabbing the items, head up the stairs and continue towards the objective - if you're lost, press O on your keyboard to ping the objective tracker.


Continue forward and you'll come across an interactable terminal. Simply press F to interact with objects, take note that there are many types of interactables not limited to people, terminals, doors, and pick-ups. Simply press F by the terminal to unlock the door. Move forward and just around the corner as you turn, you'll see a body, get close to it and press the interact button to loot it to find some UCRED - UCRED is the currency used in The Ascent to purchase items, goods, and services,


After looting the body, keep going straight and you'll find another locked door that requires you to authorize access by using the terminal next to it. But before doing so, make sure to check the crates at the end of the path to find some items such as Shirt Skin: Kawaii and some UCRED. See related image above. After checking the crates, unlock the door and proceed into the control room where you'll meet Trummer- approach him and speak to him to learn more about the mission, ask him questions, and then choose [Accept].


Before you head further into the waste disposal and investiaget the cause of the SI shutting down, make sure to rummage through the control room. You can find a datapad on a desk that's on the left side of Trummer, and next to it is a snack vending machine which you can use to buy health or energy replenishing items. When you're ready, proceed towards the door on the left side until you reach another door that has a yellow colored holographic door. Position yourself in between the terminal and the door and use the hacking button with your cyberdeck to unlock it - also, don't forget to break the crates nearby to find som UCRED.

Reach the Large Terminal


Proceed further and you'll encounter the first group of enemies. You'll see a group of Ferals here. They tend to run towards you, so be sure to shoot first to gain the upper hand before they jump at you. The path here is pretty much linear but along the way, you will encounter a lot of these alien enemies. Head up the stairs and reach the objective. Simply press O on the keyboard to ping the tracker which will lead you to a large terminal.


Approach the terminal and access it to obtain your next objecive which is to purrhge the memory banks so that you can reboot the system. Head to the first memory bank which is guarded by a group of Ferals, again, you just need to press O to track the objective. Along the way, make sure to open a chest before reaching the first memory bank. You'll find a chest on the right hand side of the map, at a dead end, which is opposite to where the first memory bank is, the chest you'll find contains UCRED - once you clear the area of Ferals, interact with the Memory Bank to purge it and proceed to the next.


For the second Memory Bank, it is guarded by a group of  Turbo Thugs, hostile human enemies that like to stir trouble. When you approach them, they'll first give you a warning to back off, but you can just go ahead and shoot them and then access the Memory Bank. Here, you can find some items such as an SMG, the Habdefender PPW which is on the ground, and another chest containing a PF-10 Supervisor Hat.


After clearing out the memory banks, simply follow the waymarker and head back towards the control room where Trummer is and head towards the door on his right to reach the main panel that will reboot the SI. Be mindful that along the way, as you head back to the control room via a shortcut, there will be Ferals roaming the area - when you reach the SI control panel, access it to reset it and you'll obtain the next objective.

Return to Cluster 13


Now, retrace your steps back and return to Cluster 13. As you approach one of the doors, an emergency protocl will trigger and the doors will be locked. So you will need to take an alternate route to escape the waste disposal. Ping the waymarker to reach the emergency tunnel bypass. Be cautious here since, there will be a lot of Ferals in the area. Hack the locked door that the waymarker leads you to and you'll find yourself on a footbridge. Thre's a body here where you can find a Datapad, some UCRED from the body, and a Shockwave Grenade- the path here is pretty much linear and all you need to do is reach the Waste Recycling Network.

Boss: Papa Feral


You'll now have to fight against the first boss of the game, Papa Feral. Papa Feral will have back up for the entirety of the battle, so there will be hordes of Ferals that will fight alongside the big bad. Since you have an SMG, it's good that you can just keep shooting non-stop untl you reload. Take out the Ferals first as fast as you can and keep moving! That's the key to winning this match. Once Papa Feral is on its own, you can focus on attacking it before reinfcorements jump back in. Using the Shockwave Grenade is also a good counter against them since it breifly immobilzes their movement if they are caught by the blast radius.

Papa Feral has two attacks, one is where Papa Feral leaps into the air and tries to stomp on your last location. You can easily dodge this once you see a red circle outline that appears under you on the ground. While the other is where he shooots out a barrage of missiles which again you can figure out where the missiles will land with the circle outlines that appear on the ground. Again, the tactic here is to keep moving and shooting when there's an open window. Avoid getting outnumbered by the Ferals and do not get stuck to a corner. Defeating Papa Feral drops a large amoung of UCREDs.

Cluster 13


After the battle, proceed to the emergency tunnel, along the way, you'll finda red chest containing an Augmentation item, the Hydraulic Slam.  The chest is just behind a terminal door across the arena where you fought Papa Feral. From here, simply head to the Arcology: Deepstink and kill the rest of the Ferals along the way. Head east from the deepstink and use the interlink to reach the Arcology: The Warrens.


Upon reaching the Arcology: The Warrens, simply follow the waymarker by pinging it so that you can reach Cluster 13. Approach the datanet to hadn in your report and to complete this mission. You'll then be rewarded with 3,000 XP. From here, you can roam around the area or just track the next main misssion, Mutual Dependencies.


Arcology Blues Notes & Tips

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