Bounties in The Ascent are certain enemies who are known trouble makers and have a bounty on their head. As you explore the many locations of Veles, you will come across groups of hostile characters where certain notorious persons or beings roam around as well. Bounties randomly trigger or appear in different periods of a playthrough, but they are usually found strolling at a specified location. Killing these bounties, collecting their heads, and handing them over to a bartender yields rewards such as ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px UCREDs. This page covers a list of all the available bounties and their known location in The Ascent.

What are Bounties?

Certain enemies are known trouble makers and have a bounty on their head. Defeat an enemy with a bounty and collect proof to be able to claim the reward at any bartender on Veles.

But be careful; bounties have various boosts in combat making them tougher. Check your currently collected Bounties in the Journal and don't forget to claim the rewards.



Identifying a Bounty

Bounties appear randomly in different times of your playthrough. However, these bounties can be found in specific locations. You'll normally see a bounty strolling around different parts of an area along with a group of enemies. To identify if there is a nearby bounty, your IMP will notify if you there is one nearby and it will tell you the level of its threat, if it is an average type or a dangerous target. Another way to distinguish if it is a bounty is that the enemy has a unique name shown at the top of its health bar.



The Ascent All Bounties

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******* Arpad 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Boastful Cyno 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Cosmodrome
Bullet Basle 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Busy Ulf 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Cheerful Zhora 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Considerate Seiji 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Gemini Stacks
Courageous Viljo 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Tham's Gate
Cynical Chung-Hee 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Cynical Hudson 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Scrapland
Dogy Izidor 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Disgruntled Demeter 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Dreamer Ferko 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Energetic Domonique 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Outskirts
Fashionable Chidynast 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px RBM-5
Fun-Loving Parris 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Heavy Bria 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Cosmodrome
Independent Raze 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Intriguing Seiji 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Intriguing Suk-Chin 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Joyful Frost 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Abandoned Garage, Grinder
Joyful Tyrell 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Kind Game 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Node
Keen Buck 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Light-Hearted Arcade 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Light-Hearted Hiroshi 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Likable Maro 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Umbilical
Manage Viljo 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Nefarious Radius 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Reserved Hyeon 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Glut
Shy North 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Nitroad
Short Deice 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Tham's Gate
Silly Being 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px RBM-5
Standard Ha-Jun 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Street Meat Being 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Pod Lot
Stereotypical Young-Ho 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px CorpZone
Tantalizing Moya 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px dNexus
Toothpick Radius 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Bloosom Hills
Tough Eetu 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px Grinder
Typical Jurriaan 1000ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px The Warrens
Ugly Linus 1000 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px dNexus

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