Endings Guide for The Ascent covers relevant information regarding the ending of the game. In some RPG games, there are multiple conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough and these endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story.

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The Ascent Endings Guide

How Many Endings are there?

In The Ascent, there is only one ending, and one post-credits scene. The final Main Mission of the game is Unhandled Exception where you find yourself at the MenShen facility and you try to close the gate.

What happens after I Finish the Story?

You return to Cluster 13 as an independent contractor who has fulfilled his/her contract with the yCorp. From here, you can find undiscovered Locations, partake in unfinished Side Missions or accept the ones you haven't found or accepted to do, explore areas of the map to find marked items or chests, or you can just level up and max your player level by killing enemies.

Are there Choices that Impact the game?

No, there aren't any choices that you make that impact the game such as dialogue options when you speak to NPCs. The main campaign is pretty straightforward and there is only one way to finish the story. The only choice you get to do in The Ascent is to either ACCEPT or REFUSE a job offer from certain NPCs. Accepting their request will allow you to unlock the related Side Mission.

Other than that, once you are in contract with yCorp where you report under Kira after the Main Mission: Empowerment, Kira will occasionally tell you that it's wrong or disappointing that you are killing civillians and that they are wiping out your "crimes". You don't need to worry about this since it still doesn't apply any impact or indicates any changes to the game or even the ending.


Is there New Game Plus?

New Game Plus isn't really a feature of the game where you start a new game and bring with you the different assets but instead, you return to Cluster 13 and just continue to roam the different Arcologies, search for undiscovered items, chests, and complete, as well as find unfinished and new Side Missions. What you can do is to help other players or your friends by joining their session via Online or Multiplayer. Or you can create your own session and play a new game with your friends or random players. To learn more about the assets and features that carry over, visit our New Player Help page. And if you want to learn more about the Multiplayer feature of the game, check out our Online and Multiplayer page.

Supported Multiplayer Features

You can find an overview of the supported features for multiplayer below the table.

Feature Supported
Cross-Play YES
Cross-Gen Play YES
Cross-Save NO
Cross-Gen Save NO
Local Co-op YES
Online Co-op YES
Local PVP NO
Online PVP NO

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