Trace Protocol

Mission Type Main Mission
Location RezDev
REC. Level Level 17
Boss Celine
Reward/s 150,000 XP
Prev. Mission Foreign Code
Next Mission Syntax Error

Trace Protocol is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


The player tracks the abducted off-world scientists through the Pleasure Disctirct and into the Medical/Science District, where all traces come to a sudden end in the heavily secured Exotic Materials Laboratory.


Trace Protocol Objectives

  1. Speak to Kira
  2. Find Lanier
  3. Speak with stackBoss Poone
  4. Gain Entrance to the Stimtown
  5. Deliver the package to Spice
  6. Investigate the Dirty Dive Bar
  7. Speak with Trenning
  8. Locate Lanier's Apartment
  9. Access Surveilance System
  10. Gain Entrance into the exMat Lab
  11. Access the exMat Lab Mainframe
  12. Appropriate the exMat Lab
  13. Access the exmat Lab Mainframe


Trace Protocol Items


Trace Protocol Related NPCs


Trace Protocol Enemies


Trace Protocol Walkthrough

Gain Access to Stimtown


This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Foreign Code, travel by foot or fast travel via Taxi or Train back to Cluster 13 and speak to Kira who's at the yCorp HQ so that you can acquire your next job which is to find Loura Lanier. Your IMP will then thell you that there's a small roadblock regarding entering Stimtown and that you have to find another way, shortly after, you'll receive a message from stackBoss Poone, asking you to meet him at Serenity Plus because he can help you get through if you do a small favor for him.


Head to Serenity Plus bar in Cluster 13 and speak to Poone who's at his usual table. He'll ask you to deliver a package to a bartender named Spice who's at the Loading Bar. After speaking to Poone, head out to the west exit of Cluster 13 and pass through the Rooftops until you reach the gate leading to Stimtown. Speak to the guard named Warton and tell him that Poone sent you, he'll then give you a lifetime access so that you don't need to bother him next time.

Find Lanier


You'll now have access to Stimtown, you can find some Side Missions here and if you've got the One More Rep side mission, you can find Merle here and ask him for a steroid that has a lighter substance which you can give to Atticus later on. Head to the Loading bar and speak to the bartender, Spice. Provide the package and he'll tell you to check out The Dirty Dive to find Lanier.


Go outside the bar and follow your waymarker to The Dirty Dive bar. Along the way, if you look for a club named "Wandas" where you'll see a group of people dancing by the entrance, you'll find a Skill Point next to the bouncer on the left. Wandas is on the east side of the map. After grabbing the item, head to the Dirty Dive which is on the west, head inside and before going up, you can find The Fist shotgun weapon on the ground floor near the steps on the eft and a G92 EMP Grenade near the shop on the right. Next, go up and speak to woman named Palu who's by the bar - you'll learn that Lanier has a penthouse in Blossom Hills.


Head outside the bar and from here, you can fast travel by taxi or train to Cluster 13 or better yet, the Pod Lot. When you arrive, follow your waypoint to reach Blossom Hills. Your next task is to find Trenning and ask about where you can find Lanier's penthouse. Just be cautious when you are running around the area since it is the Turbo Vipers' territory and there are Turbo Thugs around.


When you reach the taxi establishment where Trenning is, as you go through the large gate, turn right and go up the steps first, you'll find a red chest containing a Basic Component and next to the office (outside) where Trenning is, there's an AT4 Auto Turret, as well as a chest - after grabbing the items, go inside the office and speak to Trenning.


You now have the coordinates of Lanier's penthouse. Simply follow it with your waymarker by pinging it. Head to the apartment building and the first door on the left is Lanier's penthouse. There are a couple of things that you can find here, by her work station on the right side of the penthouse, there's a Basic Component on the shelf, on the second floor where her bedroom is, there's a chest near the bathroom door. and near the bed is another chest that requires you to hack it with an ICE -1. That chest contains an advanced component, and inside the bathroom, there's a skill point on the sink.


Once you've grabbed all the items, go back down the living room and investigate the body. You'll learn that it's Lanier and that she's been killed not too long ago. Your IMP will then advise you to check the security footage which is also in the same building. Go outside and walk to the end of the hallway, hack the terminal so that you can gain access to the surveillance system. Inside the surveillance room, you can find a Cyberdeck upgrade, the Plug. Grab it and then access the computer to investigate the footage showing Lanier being killed. Kira and your IMP then advises you where to go next, which is to investigate the exMat Lab located in RezDev - fast travel or proceed by foot to The Warrens, ride the lift to Highstreet, pass through The Umbilical  while you also fight against enemies until you reach the RezDev.


Enter the lab and follow the waypoint that will take you to the exMat Lab Mainframe. You need to hack into it to gather the information needed by Kira. Just be cautious since there are enemies here as well. When you enter, go straight from the lobby, hack the first door on the right and you'll find a chest containing a Sidearm weapon, The Minor Note. Once you've grabbed it, proceed to the lab's mainframe and defeat the enemies you encounter.


When you're at the mainframe, if you look at the left side, you'll find another Cyberdeck upgrade, the Visitor. Pick it up and then access the mainframe, of course it won't be that easy since you won't be able to gain access. Kira then calls you and asks you to appropriate the lab's SI so that  yCorp's AGI can completely hijack into its system. Follow the waymarker and look for the terminal that's linked to the SI. Now, be ready for this section since once you start imprinting, you'll have to withstand enemy forces that will arrive, as well as a boss encounter for the next 3 minutes.

Boss Battle: Celine


Now for the first minute, you'll need to withstand enemy forces. We suggest that you keep an eye on the mini-map so that you can identify which side will the enemy come from. As far as equipment goes, have at least one strong Ballistic and Energy-based weapons equipped since you'll be fighting against both mechanical and humanoid enemies. For Tactical Items, bringing the Rejuv Field will help you in terms of survivability. As for Augmentations, better to have Hyper Focus to help you with slowing down incoming bullets and the Mono Ranger to help you fight. Remember, keep moving, keep shooting, and use cover if necessary.


Once the timer has passed around a minute, a shortcutscene will trigger and a mech that is controlled by Celine will arrive. Now, this part can be quite annoying since apart from Celine, you need to deal with incoming enemy forces and they'll just keep coming until the timer appropriation process is complete. This is the part where you really need to keep moving around the area as you try to kill the Ascenders first. A good way is to head towards the entrance and use that as a way to go around a loop as you go up and down the stairs and kill the enemies within your sights.


Take out all of the enemies first and then shift your attention to Celine. Celine has two attacks, first is where she launches landmines. You can identify where it lands since it shows a red circle on the ground, you just need to avoid going near it and wait for the timer to run out so that it sets off on its own. The other attack is where she shoots out an energy beam in a straight line.You want to avoid this attack since it can deal a lot of damage.

You can hide behind cover if you are cornered, but its best to keep running around her in circles as you also try to maintain a good distance. Apart from that, she can also go invisible, but you'll still be able to see her in cloak form, just keepo shooting her so that the mech comes out from being cloaked - defeating her drops the Pocket Mech tactical item. After defeating Celine, go back to the exMat Lab mainframe and hijack into it - doing so completes this main mission and rewards you with 150,000 XP, up next is Syntax Error.


Trace Protocol Notes & Tips

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