Consumables or Consumable Items in The Ascent are items that the player's character consumes to gain various effects. In The Ascent, consumables are items that can be used to restore or replenish  your character's health, tactical charge, and energy. These are usually obtained in one of three ways: Dropped by enemies, found inside crates and chests, and purchasing it from vending machines which are located in most areas. This page covers information regarding the consumable items in The Ascent.



The Ascent Consumable Items



Health Packs

Health Packs restore health and recover HP. Health Packs are colored red.

Energy Packs

Energy packs recover energy so that you can use Augments. EN packs are colored blue.

Tactical Recharge Packs

Tactical Recharge Packs recharge the charge rate of your Tactical Item. Tactical Recharege packs are colored yellow.

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