Modules in The Ascent are passive abilities that can be purchased from Vendors. In The Ascent, by default, players can equip two Augmentations and two Modules, and having these cyberware items allows you to have extra bonuses and combat mechanics such as an increased Max HP when obtaining the Vitasigns Booster. Modules can be obtained as rewards, loot, and are pruchased from merchants. This page will indicate a list of all Modules in The Ascent, which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.


Modules are internal boosters installed in your body. They're passive boosts and your body can have two modules active at any point. You can find new modules in the world, from enemies or buy them from the Grafter. Install modules via the Journal or at the Grafter.



Attributes is the base of high level functionality of your enhanced body. It drives the efficiency of your installed augmentation abilities.





The Ascent All Modules

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Vitasigns Booster

Increase Max HP. A steady low supply of booster steroids kicking your vitals into high gear. 

Tactical Charge

Recharge the tactical equipment faster. 

Speedheal Mod

Get extra health for all healing pickups and abilities. Heal faster. Heal better. Stay alive. 

Digital Thorn Module

A fixed percentage of melee damage gets thrown back to your attacker in digital form. 

Javelin Dash

Execute extreme evasive maneuvers instead of the regular roll.

uCred Multiplier

Get extra uCreds for ever uCred pickup. Credits make the world go round.

Power Lifter


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