Multiplayer in The Ascent is a game feature that allows players to play online or via couch co-op with their friends or random players. The Multiplayer feature plays an integral role in The Ascent since it adds more volume to the game's replayability and content.  To access Multiplayer via Online or Couch Co-Op start the game, on the Starting Menu, choose ONLINE or COUCH CO-OP. This page covers various information on the mechanics of multiplayer for The Ascent.


The Ascent Multiplayer

What are the Available Modes in The Ascent?

In The Ascent, Multiplayer mode is available in two types:

  • Online Co-op: Where you invite or join your friends or random players, which connects to a larger network.
  • Couch Co-op: Co-op mode where you ask your friends to connect and play with you offline from the same platform you are playing on.

How Many Players Can Play in Co-op?

The Ascent Multiplayer covers up to four players. The host can invite up to a max of three other players via online or couch co-op and you can also join your friend or a random player's game if there is an open slot by hopping in or accepting their invitation. The game does not require you to fill up the party, so you can start the session even with just a party of two or three members. Or just go solo. Whichever you prefer.

How do I start Multiplayer?

You can simply find it on the Starting Menu. Once you start the game, you'll automatically be logged in to the server. Now, on the Starting Menu, you can choose between playing Online or Couch Co-Op.

  • When you choose Online, you can host a lobby for a new game or continue via your saved game.
  • On the other hand, if you choose Couch Co-op, obvioiusly, your friends need to connect manually to the playtform you are playing on. (PC or Xbox)

Supported Multiplayer Features

You can find an overview of the supported features for multiplayer below the table.

Feature Supported
Cross-Play YES
Cross-Gen Play YES
Cross-Save NO
Cross-Gen Save NO
Local Co-op YES
Online Co-op YES
Local PVP NO
Online PVP NO


Is there PVP?

  • Unfortunately, there is no PvP. Only PvE, where you either invite other people or your friends to help you progress your saved game or start a new game. Or you hop onto a random player or your friend's session and play through their current progression of the game.

Is there Cross Platform Play?

  • Cross-Platform play is supported in The Ascent's multiplayer. Cross-Platform Play between Xbox & PC is supported by The Ascent.

Is there Cross-Gen Play.

  • Yes, the multiplayer feature for The Ascent supports Cross Gen Play between Xbox Series X / S & Xbox One.

Is there Cross-Platform & Cross-Gen Save?

  • Cross-Platform Save lets players load their saved progress on any platform that is connected to the internet. And this usually requires an online account. Unfortunately, The Ascent does not support this feature.
  • Cross Gen Save allows players to share their game progress between both generations of the console. Cross-Gen Save is unsupported by The Ascent.

Are there any changes in Multiplayer?

  • There are no changes that apply nor does difficulty scale when you are in multiplayer since there is no difficulty option as well in the game when you are playing solo. The game session will depend on the either the host choosing a new game to run or continuing their saved progress.

Does save progress when playing multiplayer?

Unfortunately only the hosts progress will be saved when playing multiplayer.

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      was playing multiplayer with a friend and when i picked up the overwhelmer it did not share to him, is there a fix, the gun did not respawn

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        Hello! It sayes you can play with random people online.....HOW???? I only have the options to host, not to join someone else??

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