Augmentations in The Ascent are active abilities that can be purchased from Vendors. In The Ascent, by default, players can equip two Augmentations and two Modules, and having these cyberware items allows you to have extra bonuses and combat mechanics such as the ability to throw out a Hydraulic Slam, an effect that automatically collects loot for you, or improves the accuracy of locking onto a target.

Augmentations can be obtained as rewards, loot, and are pruchased from merchants. This page will indicate a list of all the Augmentations and Modules in The Ascent, which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Augmentation Abilities

Execute augmentation abilities with Q & E. Augmentations deplete energy (EN) on use but energy regenerates slowly over time.

Some abilities automatically targets enemies in reach and signals this with a marker on the target itself. Furthermore, some of these cannot be executed unless there's a target acquired.



Attributes is the base of high level functionality of your enhanced body. It drives the efficiency of your installed augmentation abilities.




The Ascent All Augmentations

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NAME cooldown-icon-augmentations-the-ascent-wiki-guide energy-icon-damage-type-the-ascent-wiki-guide-min DESCRIPTION

Biometric Timestamp

18 80 Records your vitals for restoration after a short amount of time.

With the Biometric Timestamp you can shrug off recent injuries as if they never happened! A true marvel of augmented medicinal technology.


30 80 Marks enemies within reach. Marked enemies explode on death.

Sends out a cloud of charged nanites which will rapidly gestate inside your enemies and cause them to burst violently apart as they die. You may then dance in the ensuing blood rain. 

I/O Converter

10 30 Weapons, projectiles and explosions now deal digital damage only.

This mod will convert all your damage output to aggressive cyber strikes which can quickly overhwlm vulnerable enemies. 

Neutron Beam

15 75 continuous energy beam which pierces armor and causes massive damage. 

The Karlans at EightCo somehow manage to miniaturize a Class III mech weapon into a torso aug with retained damage output. Use with care. 

Lockon Fire

18 80 Empties the remainder of your clip with perfect accuracy and extra efficiency. 

Advanced target acquisition systems connect to your enhanced neural pathways to deliver overwhelming and accurate fire onto your enemies. 

Hydraulic Slam

3 60 punch delivered with massive hyraulic force propels enemies away from you.

The Hydraulic Slam aug was made from he Chrome Dome arena fights but serves equally well in any crowded combat situation. 


24 25 Deploy a companion drone to help collect loot from the ground. 

Originally meant to help handicapped people with their goods - the Looten Drone quickly became a popular aug among scavengers allowing them to reach far away and carry even more loot. 

Hyper Focus

36 55 Slows down incoming projectiles.

Puts you in an instant state of flow with total and complete focus and awareness. 


30 65 Deploys multiple explosive spider bots which will seek out targets.

An offensive weapon platform dispensing multiple kamikaze spider bots that'll eagerly rush to your enemies and explode in their faces.

Life Transfer

70 75 Marks enemies within reach. Marked enemies taking damage will heal you.

Sends out a cloud of near invisible nanite leeches who will feast don't he flesh wounds of your nearby enemies and convert and transmit their bio-energy back to you. 

Stasis Stomp

4 85 Launches nearby enemies into the air and puts them in stasis.

A companion aug to the popular Hydraulic Slam, this leg aug will put a solid stamp in your kick, as the saying goes. 

Razor Dronettes

15 60 Initiate a swarm of drones that deal dmaage to enemies in range. 

Another premium EightCo product, these microdones are preprogrammed to find target weak spots and maximize damage output.

Homing Mim

10 75 Locks on to nearby enemies and fires homing missiles. Barrage size determined by other subsystems. 

Designed for shock and awe, the Homing Multiple Independent Missiles platform is guaranteed party-pooper for any gang of lowlives coming at you.

Mono Ranger

60 90 Deploys a monobot armed with a rifle.

This combat buddy will come in handy when you need some extra covering fire. Not designed for domestic use. 

Propulsion Leap

8 40 Allows you to launch into the fray and cause a massive explosion where you land.

This advanced movementarea denial aug combines microjets and explosive touchdowns. A perfect conversation starter.

Mono Scrapper

45 80 Deploys a light monobot focused on close combat.

The Mono Fighter doesn't last long, but should be enough to provide a temporary diversion while you reassess the combat situation.

Rat Bite

180 150 Hack enemeis to fight for you for a short duration of time.

Gain access to all connected system and take control of the targets and "convince" them to act against their will. Even the seemingly disconnected people are never truly off grid. That means there's a way in. Some targets however might be too tough to crack. 

Mono Defender

60 60 Deploys a tough monobot focused on close combat. 

Send in the Mono Charger to keep your enemies busy. It'll pulp them with a murderous single-mindedness only achieved in the binary domain.

Joyrun Dragon

18 80 Initialize a dragon causing stasis to foes. 

A rare black market mod, the Cyber Dragon manipulates the quantum field to put your foes in sudden stasis.


20 60 Increases energy regeneration, tactical recharge and reload speed.

A popular corpSec mod. Will boost your neurals across the board and bring your inner flatliner to the fore. 

Shield Dronettes

14 60

Swarm of small drones that creates a defensive barrier protecting the host.

This Whisper Cybernetics aug utilizes an advanced routine to surround you with a swift but momentarily lasting drone barrier that expires after a short burst.


20 100

Extends multiple robotic tentacles into the ground which will search out enemy targets and cause damage.

Originally designed for geological surveys only a minor modification was needed to make the subterranean tentacles into a lethal aug.


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      01 Aug 2021 04:22  

      shield dronettes are purchased from a vendor in the edge. There's also another Frame aug called Energy Mesh Shield by killing a mini-boss enemy named Chunk in the "Chunk's Basement" location in Black Lake Towers.

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