Cyberdeck in The Ascent is a tool that provides the player with the ability to hack. In The Ascent, there are many features that you can hack such as doors, chests, ATMs, vending machines, turrets, and many more. By default, you start off with a basic cyberdeck, but as you progress and explore, you can obtain various cyberdeck upgrades that boosts the hacking capability of the interface. This page covers information regarding the various upgrades for the Cyberdeck.

Hacking Environment

Hack everything within cyberdeck reach by holding C. Many objects in the world require a cyberdeck capable of hacking that particular type. What your cyberdeck can hack can be read in the Journal's Character screen and most things hackable in the world are indicated by the color Yellow.

Doors and Chests can even be protected by more and more complicated ICE and as such, require even more powerful cyberdecks. Upgrade your deck and increase its capabilities by finding Cyberdeck Upgrades in the world.



What is ICE?

ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics) is security software put in place to prevent hostile hacking attempts. It comes in many forms and different complexity. When attempting to override lacks in the world, it might require a cyberdeck capable of breaking said ICE.

If an enemy hacker sets out to hack you: bring up your cyberdeck quickly to deploy Black ICE to counter and send them a happy surprise.



The Ascent All Cyberdeck

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NAME dps-icon-the-ascent-wiki-guide-32px dmg-type-icon-icon-damage-type-the-ascent-wiki-guide-min DESCRIPTION
TA Lifestyle 400 0.5 Cheap but fairly reliable. It doesn't come with any bells and whistles, but it can crack a door open if used by the right deck jockey.
City Kicker 420 0.5 Entry level stuff for the delinquent and misguided. The City Kicker has more copies than most cyberdecks due to the simplicity of software combined with the immediate thrill of controlling your surrounding.
Icepick 440 0.5 Extremely hard to get by and if word gets out that you have one - you can expect a lot of unpleasant visitors. When the Icepick meets countermeasures, the pick wins.
Plug 460 0.5 Jam packed with miscellaneous code found in various groups - these keys are often seen used by script kiddies and thugs just wanting a free snack from the vending machines.
Visitor 480 0.5 Mostly circulated amongst specialist groups, the algorithms are custom work by anonymous bit jockeys for profit. The so called Visitor Deck is frequently used in badly surveillanced residential areas.
Manta D 500 0.5 A clustered mess of an illegal and hard to get by ICE breakers sold to the highest bidders on the tangle.
Peacemaker CD 520 0.5 Part of CorpSec's Cyber Division's standard loadout - the PCD is directly linked and authorised for control of all turrets broadcasting on the standard protocols.
Diva 540 0.5 The no.1 fear of any storage facility. DIVA will break nearly any immediate lock if the user knows a thing or two. Never seen on the street, this level of soft and hardware can only be found amongst the top tier hackers in mega corporations.

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    • Anonymous

      15 Aug 2021 23:38  

      This Cyberdeck section needs fixed. Cyberdecks are a tier system and each deck found does not have specific abilities. the abilities are based off of what tier you have reached. Also, the indications here are that no cyberdeck tier allows for ATM hacking which is not accurate.

      • Anonymous

        12 Aug 2021 16:59  

        So this page shows a table with cyberdecks and their respective pages show where you can find them. But aren't they just all general upgrade pickups? The upgrades names aren't tied to the locations but to the amount of them you picked up.

        • Anonymous

          01 Aug 2021 02:23  

          I noticed when you hack enemies in combat, they highlight red and have a "yellow hack effect" over their head for a second. any info if this has direct impact to combat or just a visual?

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