Factions or Manufacturers are NPC Groups in The Ascent. These special groups and corporations have different interests and objectives, as you explore the world of Veles, your ascent through the arcology will lead you across the path of the most impressive enemies but also unexpected alliances as you try to uncover the secrets in the world of The Ascent. In The Ascent, Factions are referred to as "Manufacturers". You can find information in the Main Menu and going to the Codex. This page features the many factions that are featured in the game.


The Ascent All Factions

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Whisper Cybernetics

Whisper Cybernetics produces only high-end equipment favored by affluent corpSec groups, elite inCons and of course any CGTs worth their salt. They use only top-of-the-line materials and all items go through a rigorous QA-process before reaching consumers. The price of entry is high, but worth it.

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EightCo is one of the few larger "corporations" run by Jachalans with no Aphoran or even Sapiens involvement. More of an advanced pyramid scheme than a corporation as such, it still presents itself as a respectable entity.

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CyberSec Mega

CyberSec Mega is one of the largest mil-tech manufacturers in the Common and are the main suppliers of corpSec weapons and equipment. Known to be reliable, if somewhat rough from a design standpoint, a CyberSec gun or armor piece is not a fashion statement, but it'll get the job done.


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Many, if not most, of the popular sports on Veles, like SpeedCrush racing and Chrome Dome fighting, are supremely violent. uPllus specializes in fashionable and durable sports equipment and clothing and they also sponsor some of the most popular teams.

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Primarily a manufacturer of mining tools and equipment, Canary Items are known for their rough design and dependability. Some of their tools have been repurposed with great success for combat, as has their protective equipment and any habGanger would appreciate a Canary weapon.

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Black Market

Black Market items can be wholly custom built or originate from any of the trademarked labels. Some has just been relabeled, but a Black Market items is often altered in some significant way.

Of special interest to discerning buyers is the Joyrunner brand--denoting a loose collective of dedicated craftsmen who produce items of superior quality and/or functionality.


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