Game Progress Route for The Ascent features a recommended step-by-step progression path for the main campaign of the game, its goal is to provide players the important points of the game and to avoid any missing important aspects such as significant Locations, NPCs, Weapons and Equipment, as well as involved Boss encounters. For a list of all available missions, click here, if you want to check a detailed guide, you may visit our Walkthrough page.


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The Ascent Game Progress Route

Arcology Blues

arcology blues main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Reach the Waste Management System SI Control Room
  2. Investigate the Cause of SI Shutdown
  3. Purge Memory Banks
  4. Replace Interface Circuitry
  5. Reboot the SI
  6. Return to Cluster 13
  7. Access Datanet


"While sent on a routine assignment to upodate the local waste management SI, the Player is caught in a vortex of catastrophic events."

This is your first Main Mission in the game which invloves you to investigate the cause of the SI shutting down. The purpose for this mission is to provide you with basic tutorials regarding the combat mechanics of the game such as shooting, evading, using your Cyberdeck, Weapons, enemy encounters and more. Your goal is to find the cause and reboot the SI, defeat the first boss encounter, Papa Feral, and return to Cluster 13 - completing this mission rewards you with 3,000 XP.


Mutual Dependencies

mutual dependencies main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Speak with Stackboss Poone
  2. Go to the Grinder District
  3. Kill the Fullchromes (4/4)
  4. Go to the Meeting Location
  5. Defeat the Attackers


"With corpSec mostly gone due to the bankrupcy, it falls on each stack to fend for itself. In their current state, they're extremely vulnerable to approriation by a rival Corp craving more indent workers, or even Onyx Void looking to boost their black-market organ and aug trade.

The Ascenders has sent some emergency supplies (and a couple of lesser influencers hoping to recruit more Subs), but it's not nearly enough, and most IoHab indents don't trust the Cult's intentions anyway. stackBoss Poone, has contacted the informal leaders of the neighboring stacks and suggested a IoHab alliance. A meeting is to be held in the neutral Pleasure district, where they are to hammer out the details."

This mission immediately becomes available after completing Arcology Blues. You'll find yourself in Cluster 13 as you finish rebooting the SI in the waste disposal area. Simply head up to Serenity Plus and speak to stackBoss Poone to gather intel about the new job. After speaking to him, there's a mean next to Poone's table where you'll see a diamond icon on top of his head. Speak to him and accept the side mission, Gear Up! After completing the Side Mission, travel to the art gallery of the Grinder and clear out the area for stackBoss Poone - completing this mission rewards you with 10,000 XP.


Trading Places

trading places main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Speak with stackBoss Poone
  2. Locate the Coders' Cove
  3. Speak with Noghead
  4. Reach Arcology: Highstreet Tier
  5. Go to the Onyx Void HQ
  6. Speak with 438 Hung
  7. Kill the Onyx Void Operative
  8. Return to 438 Hung
  9. Go to Cosmodrome
  10. Reach the Malhorst Gelb Carrier
  11. Sabotage Malhorst Gelb Carrier
  12. Locate Missing Scientists aboard the Carrier
  13. Release Holding Cells Door Locks
  14. Access Ship Bridge


"Boss Poone wants all able muslce to bring back the kidnapped indents from the Onyx Void. This is not just to help those who were kidnapped - those skilled and specialized indents are crucial for the survival of the IoHab."

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Mutual Dependencies. Fast travel back to Cluster 13 via the Interlink train station and head to Serenity Plus. Speak to stackBoss Poone who's at his usual table to obtain your next job. Poone asks you to find the Coders' secret hideout which is at Black Lake. you will need to travel there by foot, so rely on using the waymerker ping to keep track of its location. When you reach the Coder's Cove speak to Noghead and don't forget to grab the City Kicker Cyberdeck upgrade. Next, head to the Onyx Void HQ which is at The Node of Highstreet and speak to 438 Hung.

You'll then be asked to take out an Onyx Void Operative located at Gemini Stacks. Kill the target and thenr eturn to 438 Hung with the dogtag as proof. You'll acquire more details regarding the kidnappings and learn that there is a ship that's about to be deployed at the Cosmodrome. Head to the docking bay of the ship, defeat the Siege Mech boss, hijack the ship, free the prisoners, and look for the M-G Rep - completing this mission rewards you with 20,000 XP.



empowerment main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Speak with stackBoss Poone
  2. Go to the Reactor Facilities
  3. Boost Cooling System
  4. Raise Energy Output
  5. Override Distribution Hub
  6. Conceal the Train from the Tokamak SI


"To ensure protection agasinst Onyx Void and rival corporations, the IoHab needs to boost its security systems. But to power these, it needs a secure source of energy, and this would also benefit the fragile IoHab alliance as a whole. Boss Poone wants to secure the nearest fission powerplant by hacking a sort of energy distribution backdoor to be used by the IoHab Alliance."

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Trading Places. You'll be back in Cluster 13 at the end of the previous mission, so head back to Serenity Plus and speak to stackBoss Poone to obtain your next job. Poone basically asks you to secure power to strengthen the defenses against the Onyx Void and other corpos. After speaking to Poone, we'd recommend you to increase your level first, upgrade your SkillsWeapons, and Armor to prepare for this mission. We'd recommend that you buy the ER Chrome Puncher energy weapon for this mission since you'll be fighting mechanical enemies.

Head to The Warrens, pass through the Deepstink > Waste Recycling Network, then reach RBM-5. Follow the waypoint to find the following terminals so that you can boost the cooling system, raise the energy output and to override the distribution hub. Once you obtain the objective to conceal the Train from the Tokamak SI, prepare for a boss battle which is against the Megarachnoid. Defeating this boss completes this mission and rewards you with 30,000 XP - don't forget to check the opposite exit from where you fought this boss to find a chest containing the Spiderbots augment item.


Data Miner

data miner main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Speak with Kira
  2. Recruit the Help of Noghead
  3. Go to the Data Storage District
  4. Rach Data Vault Access Chamber
  5. Stop the Ascenders from activating the HPM-Emitter
  6. Enter the AG OPS Data Vault
  7. Appropriate the AG OPS Data Vault
  8. Access AG OPS Data


"yCorp knows the Ascent Group was working on a secret project which might have been the cause of the sudden bankruptcy. The Ascent Group board would know what it is, but reaching them is well-nigh impossible, and instead yCorp has tasked me with first going after softer targets on these lower levels. With the IMP now connected to the yCorp AGI, I am able to permanently appropriate property for yCorp by rewriting the SI firmware of any given piece of property."

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Empowerment. Return to Cluster 13 and use your waymarker ping to find yCorp's hideout-base which is near Serenity Plus. You'll learn that yCorp has shown interest in your capabilites and without any other way out, has enlsited you to work for them as their operative. Simply speak to Kira to gather intel for your first mission with yCorp. Also, by the balcony of the yCorp hideout, you can find x1 Advanced Component.

After speaking to Kira, fast travel by Taxi or Train, or if you feel like travelling by foot to Black Lake Tower, proceed to the Coder's Cove, and speak to Noghead. Ffrom here, fast travel again by Taxi or Train, or by foot, to The Warrens, head east from The Warrens, and take the lift down leading to Deepstink. Upon arriving at the Deepstink, follow the waymarker until you reach the center section of the area, and ride the large lfit to dNexus.

Reach the AG Data Vault, go straight and when you reach the next room past the short narrow path, you'll see a locked ches on the right that requires ICE - 2. You won't open it for now unless you upgrade your Cyberdeck hacking tool, next to the chest, on the other hand, is a cyberdeck upgrade, the Peacemaker CD. Always make sure to open the Cyberdeck tab in the main menu so you can see the capabilities or upgrades you've acquired for the hacking tool that you have.

After grabbing the item, proceed to the main panel of the data vault and begin to appropriate it. Upon doing so, you will need to survive and fight against CGT enemy forces until the process is complete which is for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. For this battle, use your energy weapon, if you even have the E77 Superior or the EBR Enforcer which you obtain here as an item drop from an enemy, USE IT! The enemies you fight here are weak to energy-based attacks. Kill all of the enemies when the process is done and then grab the data and upload it - completing this mission rewards you with 50,000 XP.


Foreign Code

foreign code main mission the ascent wiki guide

  1. Go to the Onyx Void Chapter House
  2. Access the Blimp Traffic Control Node
  3. Use the Back Entrance into the Onyx Void Chapter House
  4. Access the Onyx Void Subnet Terminal
  5. Go to the Dream World
  6. Follow the Shipping Master
  7. Go to the Cosmodrome
  8. Locate the Shipping Master
  9. Reach Docking Bay 94
  10. Board the Wrecked Ship


"I am sent to Onyx Void to learn exactly who and what they smuggled onto the planet."

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Data Miner and once you leave dNexus. You'll receive a message from Noghead first telling you that yCrop may have some shady intentions and are not who they think they say. You'll then receive a message from Kira asking you to find out what the Onyx Void has smuggled onto the planet -  head to Highstreet and then travel by taxi or train to The Node. Create a distraction and enter through the back entrance of the Onyx Void HQ.

You'll now find yourself at a locker room, check the lockers on the right to find some UCREDs and on the left on a shelf is x1 Advanced Component. After grabbing the item, head up the stairs and go inside the next room. Check the first room on the right to find x1 Skill Point on a table, the gym room doesn't have anything, so check the one at the end of the hallway which is a shooting range room to find a P9000 Roomsweeper - after clearing the area, follow the waymarker and you'll trigger a cutscene where you'll see 438 Hung speaking to a woman.

After the cutscene, head down to the room where 438 Hung was and access the subnet terminal to download the coordinates of the shipment you are looking for. After the IMP confirms the location, before going back outside from the back entrance, go south through the exit and go through the common area of the headquarters. Check the kitchen and you'll find a GR8 GFragmost Grenade tactical item on the counter - after grabbing the item, exit through the back entrance and proceed to the Dream World club that's located in the CorpZone.

When you enter the Dream World club, be ready to fight the enemies here. After that's done, follow The Shipping Master through the spa at the back entrance of the club, chase them until you reach the helipad and then fast travel to the Cosmodrome. You will need to stop the ship from leaving which is located at Docking Bay 94. Upon arriving at the docking bay, sabotage it by closing the gate and then check the wrecked ship. Here, you'll fight against the X-28 Havoc - defeating this boss and entereing the wrecked ship completes this mission and rewards you with 65,000 XP.

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