Skills in The Ascent dictate the effeciency at which the character executes certain action and body capabilities. All skills are tied to an Attribute which increase in tandem. Each time you level up, you acquire 3 Skill Points which you can use to allocate into your preferred skill. You can find the various Skills by opening the Main Menu > Character > Skills. There are many skills that resonate with the different attributes that will maximize and unlock the full potential of your character. This page covers information regarding the different Skills feature in The Ascent.

Can I Respec My Skills?

Yes, you can respec your skills and obtain the total number of Skill Points you've spent by speaking to the Grafter who can be found in various Locations, but at first, you can find the Grafter in Cluster 13. Speak to the Grafter and choose "Go in for surgery". By doing so, you'll find yourself at the surgery UI where you can choose to "Reset Skills" for a certain cost of UCRED.



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The Ascent All Skills

Tactical Sense

Few things are as energizing as death and destruction! There's no stim that can emulate the high of lethal combat.


Critical Hit Rate

Some have that flatliner instrict and are just better at hitting enemy weak-spots, whether it's pure luck or your sociopathic leanings that does it.


Weapon Handling

Going from pistol to rifle to mini gun and then back. Faster and faster. Again and again. Will you ever decide?



Steady hands, deep breathing, and an uncluttered mind all combine to affect your weapon control.



Steady as a construction mech, acalm as a senior Hortean, nothing ruffles your feathers.


The best way to avoid getting killed is to not get hit. Who needs body armor when you can dive about like a malfunctioning mono.

Vital Signs

Don't do stims, eat your greens and avoid violent confrontations, and you'll live longer. And you'll also be bored out of your skill.

Body Battery

All that fancy chrome doesn't run on just happy thoughts and recycled air. You'll need to stay energized if you hope to stay functional.

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