Weapons in The Ascent is an equipment category that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters. In The Ascent, there are various types of firearm weapons, each consisting of various stats, bonuses, effects, and types of attacks such as Ballistic, Digital, Energy, and more. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing missions, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, and are dropped by enemies or bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Weapons in The Ascent which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Upgrading Weapons

All weapons can be upgraded if you have the required components. Visit a Gun Smith to upgrade any weapon currently owned to the next MK.-level. Each level increases the damage. Weapon upgrades are persistent across all duplicates of that particular one. Even if you sell all currently owned P1 Protector, the game will remember your MK if you get a new one.

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Swap Weapon

Use [Respective Key-binding] to swap between your two equipped weapons. You can change your Loadout in the Journal.

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The Ascent All Weapons




















Precision Weapons








Excessive Weapons




The Ascent Weapons Comparison Table

Weapon Name

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Weapon Description


Ballistic assault rifle.

108 A true and proven assault rifle made to exacting military specifications. The Dread takes its name from the emotion it inspires in those on the receiving end of its blazing muzzle.

Riot Gun

Ballistic shotgun.

408 A no-nonsense ten-gauge shotgun is always nice to keep in handy for close encounters. Jam it in under someone's chin and blast away to guaranteed satisfaction.

Habdefender PPW

Ballisic submachingun.

111 The Personal Protection Weapon no habber should go without, the HabDefender will make any prospective home invader think twice before entering your cramped den, provided you are there to greet them with this.  

P1 Protector

Ballistic pistol.

203 Lightweight, easy to aim and operate - the Protector has been in use among habbers of all levels for as long as anyone can remember. As basic as it is affordable. 

HCF Heat

Modified handcannon.

170 The Heat has been made under the Joyrunner label, a black market quality brand, Roast your enemies to a crisp with one overheated blaze and laugh maniacally while they writhe and die.

HMG42 Dominator

Ballistic machine gun.

156 The Dominator puts serious firepower into the hands of a single individual. Large magazine capacity and heavy caliber slugs compensate for the reduction in accuracy. A weapon made popular by the "Arcology Blues" holodrama.

HCE9 Flatliner

Energy handcannon.

154 The Flatliner represents Whisper Cybernetics' entry into the hand cannon segment. Will punch through most armors or hardened skins and leave a hole big enough for you to run your fist through, should you want to. 

HC3 Goliath

Ballistic handcannon.

164 The Goliath large-caliber hand cannon trades magazine capacity for stopping power. Should put a decent sized holr in most things you point it at. Just make sure to protect your face against the recoil.

EP4 Pacifier

Energy pistol.

257 The EP4 packs plenty of punch in a small-framed package. Often found among more discerning CGTs and well-funded planetary defense forces.

RPG23 Launcher

Rocket launcher.

197 The RPG 23 was designed to take down mid-sized mechs and punch through lighter armored vehicles. That it would be used in a number of arcology turf wars surprised exactly no-one. Avoid use in confined spaces.

ER Chrome Puncher

Energy precision rifle.

237 The Chrome Puncher is a modified piercing precision uPlus sports rifle made for competition shooting. This Joyrunner creation is improved to perforate any auged-up ****er refusing to stand down when told nicely. Step back, take your time and enjoy the kill.

ES4 Eraser

Energy shotgun.

828 Functions like a shotgun, but without the stink of cordite and constant need for cleaning. The Eraser energy shotgun has a good spread vs range ratio, and will serve you well when things get close and personal.

P9000 Roomsweeper

Ballistic submachinegun.

197 CorpSec officers wanting to increase their unit lethality stats need look no further than the RoomSweeper, Guaranteed to up the ante of any short-range engagement with cocky gangers or indents in breach.

E77 Superior

Energy assault rifle.

172 The E77 is a weapon of choice among more well-to-do corpSec organizations who can afford it. In addition to high-end optics, the battery management optimizations make for smarter energy expenditure in rapid fire. With almost no moving parts this rifle is one of the most reliable energy rifles around. 

The Fist

Ballistic shotgun.

487 CyberSec Mega weapon smith truly went ballistic with this five-barrelled multi-shotgun. If this won't solve your problems, nothing will. Loved by weapon fetishists all over Veles. 


Ballistic precision rifle.

226 The Boreshot puts a reliable CyberSec Mega sniping platform into the hands of whoever is willing to pay up. An SI-rifled barrel together with factory-tuned sights make for an excellent piercing long-range.

MG1000 Strikebreaker


487 A classic that never goes out of style. Multiple rotating barrels allow for efficient cooling. while the small motor adds an aggressive high-pitched whine to the deep satisfying roar of the firing mechanism. 

EBR Enforcer

Energy burst rifle.

523 The EBR is a standard rifle for many interstellar drop infantries and it has seen use in numerous illustrious engagements. CorpSec favors it for its energy-saving burst fire function, homing bullets, and next to zero maintenance requirements.


Energy Minigun.

357 This Joyrunner-made weapon is a marvel of precision engineering. The rotating beam projectors emit energy so fast that it becomes a lethal strobe, effectively atomizing the target. 


Modified rocket launcher.

370 The Blastmaster represents EightCo's trumphant entry into the support weapons market. While not quite as reliable as the R23, the Blastmaster holds its own when it comes to damage output and sheer awesomeness. 


Modified rocket launcher.

396 Someone took an R23 and increased the magazine size, caring little for weight or transportability. And you won't either when you can just keep pumping missiles into whatever is coming at you.

ABR Commander

Ballistic burst rifle.

464 The Commander has been around for as long as most people can remember. a tried and true rotary-bolt system provides accurate bursts - preventing a nervous recruit or eager hangabout from emptying their entire magazine of homing bullets at the first sign of trouble.

The Minor Note

Modified pistol.

115 A one-shot wonder packing  an entire magazine's worth of punch into one massive blaze. Guaranteed to halt even a frenzied Keesh or lumbering Larkian in their tracks.


Automatic rocket launcher.

280 The Astrosmasher is a powertool made for deep space asteroid mining where it is used to keep incoming meteroids at bay with a barrage of explosives. When used as a weapon it is as bizarre as it is devastating. 



345 Repurposed heavy-duty mining equipment can serve just as well in a combat situation, as proven by this flamethrower based on a Canary Magamamaker. Good for persuasive crowd control and clearing out feral nests.


Modified machine gun.

607 The Overwhelmer is a typical EightCo product in that it's both a ripoff and a superior improvement on the original. In this case those inventive Karlans took an A24 Dominator and adapted it to explosive ammo. A true gem in any arsenal.

BC7 Disintegrator

Energy cannon.

850 Whisper Cybernetics designed the Disintegrator to be their main offering in the support weapon class. With a focused energy output rivaling that of a small sun, these beam cannons should give you the upper hand in any hostile situation. 

The Dealbreaker

Defies classification.

1,119 Experts will argue to the end of time whether the Dealbreaker is a minishotgun automatic, an automatic shotminigun or any other possible combination of those terms. But the Dealbreaker doesn't care. And neither will you.


Special Weapon.

319 The Dismemberer is a construction power tool made by Canary which has also found use in those LoHabs where corpSec has managed to stem the flow of regular weapons. Launches rotating monosaws at unsuspecting enemies.


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