Melee Weapons in The Ascent is an equipment category that was introduced during the Cyber Heist DLC. These are close ranged Weapons made for face-to-face combat interactions. Prior to this content release, players had to rely on mostly ranged and firearm weapon-types and guns. There are various types of firearm weapons, each consisting of various stats, bonuses, effects, and types of attacks such as Ballistic, Digital, Energy, and more. With the update,  players will now have access to various new weapons including melee weapons, which will add a new dynamic to how players face existing powerful enemies. 

What kind of Stats do Melee Weapons have? 

Melee Weapon Stats are still measured with some of the same stats as regular firearm weapons, with the default firing mode being single fire. The main stats to look out for are the Damage Per Shot stat and the Damage Per Second which measures how much power the melee weapon can deal when used. Additionally, these melee weapons may also have damage type which can include Energy damage, ballistic, digital and fire.

How do you get Melee Weapons in the Ascent?

Since these were a newly added feature, players will need to download the latest update. To gain access to all the newly added melee weapons, players will also need to purchase the Cyber Heist DLC. Without this content, players will still have access to the new uPlus Bat weapon, which will be available for purchase from a Weapons Vendor. the remaining are lootable only via Cyber Heist.


All Melee Weapons The Ascent

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Weapon Name

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Weapon Description

Uplus Bat

Metal Bat.

160 Go and give their noggin' a floggin'! An enduring favorite in the Uplis catalog. A bit crude as far as implements of violence go but it gets the job done.

Rock Crusher

Metal Hammer.

476 Originally intended to be used for mining and crushing rocks. Unsurprisingly, people quickly figured out the similarities between a small rock and a skull and the tools have their way into the hands of angry people. In addition, it can be swung into the ground to create a targeted shockwave.


Metal Sword.

639 Whoever said not to bring a knife to a gun fight clearly hadn't mastered the blade. Sharp and swift, it's very lethal in close quarters. Adept wielders can perform whirlwind like moves to slash everything around them.

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