Precision Weapons in The Ascent is a Weapon category that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters. It is one of five categories, Sidearms, Shotguns, Machineguns, Precision Weapons, and Excessive Weapons. Precision weapon are long range precise weapons. These are also referred to as Sniper Rifles. These allow users to aim with precision and deal a lethal headshot from a distance. 

In The Ascent, there are various types of firearm weapons, each consisting of various stats, bonuses, effects, and types of attacks such as Ballistic, Digital, Energy, and more. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing Missions, purchased from Merchants, looted inside chests or crates from various Locations, and are dropped by Enemies or Bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Precision weapons in The Ascent which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.



The Ascent All Precision Weapons

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Weapon Name


Weapon Description

ER Chrome Puncher

Energy precision rifle.

237 The Chrome Puncher is a modified piercing precision uPlus sports rifle made for competition shooting. This Joyrunner creation is improved to perforate any auged-up ****er refusing to stand down when told nicely. Step back, take your time and enjoy the kill.


Ballistic precision rifle.

226 The Boreshot puts a reliable CyberSec Mega sniping platform into the hands of whoever is willing to fess up. An SI-rifled barrel together with factory-tuned sights make for an excellent piercing long-range.

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