Excessive Weapons in The Ascent is a Weapon category that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters. It is one of five categories, Sidearms, Shotguns, Machineguns, Precision Weapons, and Excessive Weapons. Excessive weapons are other powerful weapons that do not fall into the other categories, this includes miniguns, and RPGs. These weapons are unlike the rest and deal the highest damage. 

In The Ascent, there are various types of firearm weapons, each consisting of various stats, bonuses, effects, and types of attacks such as Ballistic, Digital, Energy, and more. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing Missions, purchased from Merchants, looted inside chests or crates from various Locations, and are dropped by Enemies or Bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Excessive weapons in The Ascent which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.



The Ascent All Excessive Weapons

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Weapon Name

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Weapon Description

RPG23 Launcher

Rocket launcher.

197 The RPG 23 was designed to take down mid-sized mechs and punch through lighter armored vehicles. That it would be used in a number of arcology turf wars surprised exactly no-one. Avoid use in confined spaces.

MG1000 Strikebreaker


487 A classic that never goes out of style. Multiple rotating barrels allow for efficient cooling. while the small motor adds an aggressive high-pitched whine to the deep satisfying roar of the firing mechanism. 


Energy Minigun.

357 This Joyrunner-made weapon is a marvel of precision engineering. The rotating beam projectors emit energy so fast that it becomes a lethal strobe, effectively atomizing the target. 


Modified rocket launcher.

370 The Blastmaster represents EightCo's trumphant entry into the support weapons market. While not quite as reliable as the R23, the Blastmaster holds its own when it comes to damamge output and sheer awesomeness. 


Modified rocket launcher.

 396 Someone took an R23 and increased the clip size, caring little for weight or transportablility. And you won't either when you can just keep pumping missiles into whatever is coming at you.


Automatic rocket launcher.

280 The Astrosmasher is a powertool made for deep space asteroid mining where it is used to keep incoming meteroids at bay with a barrage of explosives. When used as a weapon it is as bizarre as it is devastating. 



345 Repurposed heavy-duty mining equipment can serve just as well in a combat situation, as proven by this flamethrower based on a Canery Magamamaker. Good for persuasive crows control and clearing out feral nests.


Modified machine gun.

607 The Overwhelmer is a typical EightCo product in that it's both a ripoff and a superior improvement on the original. In this case those inventive Karlans took an A24 Dominator and adapted it to explosive ammo. A true gem in any arsenal.

BC7 Disintegrator

Energy cannon.

850 Whisper Cybernetics designed the Disintegrator to be their main offering in the support weapon class. With a focused energy output rivalling that of a small sun, these beam cannons should give you the upper hand in any hostile situation. 


Special weapon.

 319  The Dismemberer is a construction power tool made by Canary which has also found use in those loHabs where corpSec has managed to stem the flow of regular weapons. Launches rotating monosaws at unsuspecting enemies.

The Dealbreaker

Defies classification

1,119 Experts will argue to the end of time whether the Dealbreaker is a minishotgun automatic, an automatic shotminigun or any other possible combination of those terms. But the Dealbreaker doesn't care. And neither will you.


Special Weapon.

?? A new special weapon: stasis tech cleverly applied to live ammunition, allowing for great crowd control and pure blue chaos when used right!

Newt MGL

Grenade Launcher.

?? ??


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