Machine Guns in The Ascent is a Weapon category that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters. It is one of five categories, Sidearms, Shotguns, Machineguns, Precision Weapons, and Excessive Weapons. Machineguns are usually rapid-fire guns that can shoot in auto or burst. They are automatic weapons that include assault rifles and submachine guns. Machineguns are ideal as a primary weapon.

In The Ascent, there are various types of firearm weapons, each consisting of various stats, bonuses, effects, and types of attacks such as Ballistic, Digital, Energy, and more. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing Missions, purchased from Merchants, looted inside chests or crates from various Locations, and are dropped by Enemies or Bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Machineguns in The Ascent which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.



The Ascent All Machineguns

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Weapon Name

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Weapon Description


Ballistic assault rifle.

108 A true and proven assault rifle made to exacting military specifications. The Dread takes its name from the emotion it inspires in those on the receiving end of its blazing muzzle.

Habdefender PPW

Ballistic submachingun.

111 The Personal Protection Weapon no habber should go withioutm the HobDefender will make any aspiring home invader think twice before entering your cramped den. Provided you are there to greet them with this.  

HMG42 Dominator

Ballistic machine gun.

156 The Dominator puts serious firepower into the hands of a single individual. Large magazine capacity and heavy caliber slugs compensate for the reduction in accuracy. A weapon made popular by the "Arcology Blues" holodrama.

P9000 Roomsweeper

Ballistic submachinegun.

197 CorpSec officers wanting to increase their unit lethality stats need look no further than the RoomSweeper, Guaranteed to up the ante of any short-range engagement with cocky gangers or indents in breach.

E77 Superior

Energy assault rifle.

172 The E77 is a weapon of choice among more well-to-do corpSec organizations who can afford it. In addition to high-end optics, the battery management optimizations make for smarter energy expenditure in rapid fire. With almost no moving parts this rifle is one of the most reliable energy rifles around. 

ABR Commander

Ballistic burst rifle.

464 The Commander has been around for as long as most people can remember. a tried and true rotary-bolt system provides accurate bursts - preventing a nervous recruit or eager hangabout from emptying their entire magazine of homing bullets at the first sign of trouble.

EBR Enforcer

Energy burst rifle.

523 The EBR is a standard rifle for many interstellar drop infantries and it has seen use in numberous illustrious engagements. CorpSec favors it for its energy-saving burst fire function, homing bullets, and next to zero maintenance requirements.


Modified machine gun.

607 The Overwhelmer is a typical EightCo product in that it's both a ripoff and a superior improvement on the original. In this case those inventive Karlans took an A24 Dominator and adapted it to explosive ammo. A true gem in any arsenal.


Machinegun Automatic Rifle

?? A ballistic automatic rifle: low calibre ammunition combined with extreme exit speed allows for piercing bullets to cut through most obstacles, puncturing intestines and plating alike


Ballistic Burst Rifle.

?? ??

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