Tactical Charge

Quick tactical recharge 
Recharge the tactical equipment faster.

Tactical Charge is a Module in The Ascent. Augmentations and Modules are active and passive abilities that can be purchased from Vendors or obtained as rewards or loot. Having these cyberware items allows you to have extra bonuses and combat mechanics. By default, players are allowed two of each equipped at a time.



Tactical Charge Information

  • Effect: Quick tactical recharge.
  • Description: Recharge the tactical equipment faster.


Where to Find Tactical Charge

  • Tactical Charge can be purchased from any Grafter merchant for 21,200 ucredits-icon-vendor-currency-the-ascent-wiki-guide-20px UCREDs.
  • This item can be found in a red chest in No Man's Land in the Warren tier. When viewing the map, the chest is located to the east of the "No Man's Land" label. Beginning at the bottom of the elevator just to the west of this label, move right along the wall until you encounter a fenced off area with a door frame. Enter the door frame and at the end of the alley you will find the chest.



Tactical Charge Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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