recompile main mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Main Mission
Location Deepstink
REC. Level Level 21
Boss n/a
Reward/s 200,000 XP
Prev. Mission Syntax Error
Next Mission Board Meeting

Recompile is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


A journey back down into the sublevels of the Arcology to restart the Ascent Group AGI.


Recompile Objectives

  1. Speak to Kira
  2. Reach the AGI Cognitive Core
  3. Go to Coder's Cove
  4. Speak with Noghead
  5. Reach the AGI Cognitive Core
  6. Reboot the AGI
  7. Return to the Ascent Group HQ
  8. Interface with the AGI


Recompile Items


Recompile Related NPCs


Recompile Enemies


Recompile Walkthrough

Head to the Coder's Cove

kiras briefing recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Syntax Error. You'll find yourself and Kira in the AGI room of the Ascent Group HQ. Speak to Kira for a briefing of your next task and to formally trigger this main mission. After speaking to her, you'll learn that you need to gain access to the AGI Cognitive Core, and by doing so, you will need the help of Noghead. Simply travel back to The Warrens' arcology and fast travel by train or taxi to Black Lake Tower and then to Coder's Cove to meet up with Noghead.

onyx void operative ambush recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon arriving at the entrance of the Coder's Cove, a short cutscene will trigger where you'll see Onyx Void Operatives who are waiting to ambush you. You'll now have to fight against the group, as well as a couple of Turbo Thugs. Now, there's a new enemy here called the Black Hacker, it moves similar to the Combat Hacker but it's more fast when it comes to attacking.

black hacker hacking recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Take out the hacker first when you spot it. Usually, you'll find it hiding around or behind cover. You can counter-attack it when it tries to hack you by pressing the cyberdeck button. You'll know when it tries to hack you when a yellow digital dome appears around your location, either use your Cyberdeck to counter-attack or dash away from the dome. If ever you see these drones that are negating your attacks since it's protecting the enemy it's attached on, you can hack it and then shoot it down - simply kill all the enemies and then head inside the Coder's Cove.

lift leading to dnexus recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Speak to Noghead who's at his station and he'll give you the coordinates of the Ascent Group's AGI. Go back outside of the Coder's Cove and then take a taxi to fast travel to The Warrens. From there, go east and ride the arcology down to the Deepstink and then take the central lift leading to dNexus. You're basically going back to the area that you previously went to during the Main Mission: Empowerment.

Reach the AGI Cognitive Core

dnexus enemy encounter recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Now, you may want to equip your strongest energy-based Weapon since the enemies you will encounter here are all mechanical enemies. Simply follow the waymarker by pinging it, as well as fighting through enemies such as automated defenses, Light Monobot, Logbot, mechanical Hammerhand, and the return of one of the most annoying enemies in the game, the Megarachnoid. The Megarachnoid won't appear here as a boss, but instead, as an elite enemy. Havint the following items equipped will help you in beating the large spider-mech, Mono Ranger, Rejuv Field, and a strong energy-based firearm.

rebooting the agi recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Simply defeat all the enemies you encounter until you reach the AGI Cognitive Core. When you're ready, interact with the terminal to reboot the cognitive core and prepare to fight enemy reinforcements while you wait for the reboot process to be completed. You need to survive and wait for 3 minutes and 15 seconds as you go up against Onyx Void Operatives, MG Operatives, and Ascender Combatants. You'll need the Hyper Focus augment here if you're playing solo so that you can slow down incoming bullets - simply wait for the process to finish and kill all the remaining enemies to obtain your next task.

dnexus executive elevator recompile main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Now, you need to return to the Ascent Group HQ which is at The Pinnacle. You may think it's a long travel back, but luckily, Kira tells you that you have access to the executive elevator in the dNexus that can take you directly to The Pinnacle. Simply follow the waymarker by pinging it to reach the nearby lift. From there, enter the Ascent Group HQ and a cutscene will trigger where Kira finds clues as to what happened from the AGI - you'll complete this main mission and obtain 200,000 XP as a reward.


Recompile Notes & Tips

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