Data Miner

data miner main mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Main Mission
Location dNexus
REC. Level Level 13
Boss n/a
Reward/s 50,000 XP
Prev. Mission Empowerment
Next Mission Foreign Code

Data Miner is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


yCorp knows the Ascent Group was working on a secret project which might have been the cause of the sudden bankruptcy. The Ascent Group board would know what it is, but reaching them is well-nigh impossible, and instead yCorp has tasked me with first going after softer targets on these lower levels.

WIth the IMP now connected to the yCorp AGI, I am able to permanently appropriate property for yCorp by rewriting the SI firmware of any given piece of property.


Data Miner Objectives

  1. Speak with Kira
  2. Recruit the Help of Noghead
  3. Go to the Data Storage District
  4. Rach Data Vault Access Chamber
  5. Stop the Ascenders from activating the HPM-Emitter
  6. Enter the AG OPS Data Vault
  7. Appropriate the AG OPS Data Vault
  8. Access AG OPS Data


Data Miner Items


Data Miner Related NPCs


Data Miner Enemies


Data Miner Walkthrough

A New Boss

gathering intel data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Empowerment. Return to Cluster 13 and use your waymarker ping to find yCorp's hideout-base which is near Serenity Plus. You'll learn that yCorp has shown interest in your capabilites and without any other way out, has enlsited you to work for them as their operative. Simply speak to Kira to gather intel for your first mission with yCorp. Also, by the balcony of the yCorp hideout, you can find x1 Advanced Component.

speak to noghead data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

After speaking to Kira, fast travel by Taxi or Train, or if you feel like travelling by foot to Black Lake Tower, proceed to the Coder's Cove, and speak to Noghead. Be cautious since you'll fight agaisnt Ferals and a couple of Papa Feral enemies as you travel to the Coder's Cove from Black Lake Tower. Once you've spoken to Noghead, you've basically asked him for his help as you hijack the AGI that is being asked by Kira - from here, fast travel again by Taxi or Train, or by foot, to The Warrens, head east from The Warrens, and take the lift down leading to Deepstink.

Head to dNexus

lift to dnexus data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon arriving at the Deepstink, follow the waymarker until you reach the center section of the area, and ride the large lfit to dNexus. If you've followerd the walkthrough from the Empowerment mission, you should have at least an energy weapon in your inventory such as the ER Chrome Puncher. The reason why you need an energy weapon here is because you will be fighting against mechanical enemies here. There will be spiderbots, turrets, Logbots, and Ascender Combatants. If you come acress Ascender Comabtants, you can use ballistic weapons against them or energy weapons as well.

dnexus proper retracting paths data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

The design of this area seems like you're in a maze since you will need to activate or retract brdige panels so that you can reach the next platform, but luckily, you have the waypoint marker that you can ping so that you can simply follow the path leading to the Access Chamber.

ascender combatants data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

When you\re mear the lift leading to the Access Chamber, you'll come across a large group of Ascender Combatants guarding the area and trying to activate the HPM-Emitter. You'll need to stop them and eliminate the group before you can proceed. These enemies are easy, just use your strong Assault Rifle and shoot them down. If you also have the Spiderbots augmentation, it can help you to easily take out all of the enemies at once - from here, proceed to the mission objective and upon arriving, ride the lift down to the data vault.

The AG Data Vault

peacemaker cd cyberdeck location data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Go straight and when you reach the next room past the short narrow path, you'll see a locked ches on the right that requires ICE - 2. You won't open it for now unless you upgrade your Cyberdeck hacking tool, next to the chest, on the other hand, is a cyberdeck upgrade, the Peacemaker CD. Always make sure to open the Cyberdeck tab in the main menu so you can see the capabilities or upgrades you've acquired for the hacking tool that you have.

cgt operatives encounter data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

After grabbing the item, proceed to the main panel of the data vault and begin to appropriate it. Upon doing so, you will need to survive and fight against CGT enemy forces until the process is complete which is for 2 minutes and 45 seconds. For this battle, use your energy weapon, if you even have the E77 Superior or the EBR Enforcer which you obtain here as an item drop from an enemy, USE IT! The enemies you fight here are weak to energy-based attacks.

data vault gauntlet data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Having the Spiderbots, Hyper Focus, or Homing MIM augments equipped will help you here as well, and you want to be as offensive as you can since enemies will keep coming until the timer reaches zero. For your Tactical Items, bringing the GX-43 "Sweet Justice" is a good choice if you want to take out groups of enemies at once, but you can also use a Rejuv Field for sustainability. Kill all of the enemies upon the imprint process is complete, and then go back to the central terminal of the data vault to access the data.

transferring the data data miner main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

When that's done, retrace your steps and ride the lift back uo to the dNexus and head towards antoher terminal to transfer the data from teh NOC. Wait for a few mintues for the process to be complete and you'll complete this quest, rewarding you with 50,000 XP. Kira also advises you that you are now an official operative of the yCorp under the Property Appropriation Divison. From here, travel back by foot to the Deepstink, and go back to The Warrens, you'll then receive a message from Noghead saying that Kira is hiding something from you - your next mission, is Foreign Code where you'll need to head to Onyx Void.


Data Miner Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      If the quest is bugged ( the fanatics do not spawn, and then question does not spawn a cutscene/dialog in dnexus) exit, then resume the game. The bug is with the graphics/resolution being change during play.

      • Anonymous

        This quest is bug for me (new patch sept 1). I spoke to her, whenever I speak to her again I get the dialog options, but the quest still says "speak to Kira".

        so yeah, game breaking bug, been a month, they still couldn't fix it. they are lost in their spaghetti.

        • Anonymous

          this quest is bugged for me. I talk to kira but it says she has already given me to quest. But the quest has not updated to allow me to actually go further than the discussion. Ive tried everything. Welp! thats all she wrote. I know if I bought this game id be pissed lol. Thank god its free on gamepass. Beautiful game though.

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