Turbo Thugs

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Turbo Thugs is one of the Enemies in The Ascent. Enemies in The Ascent refer to the list of hostiles beings that players encounter in battle when travelling through different Locations in the vast realm of Veles. Different enemies utilize different attack range, types of damage, and defenses. This page serves to include all relevant information about Turbo Thugs.


Turbo Thugs Background Information

The grunt runts of the Turbo Vipers. They'll come after you with whatever they've got around. Be that a pipe or a gun, most are stimmed out and itching for a fight.

Some come from the hiHabs and are just looking to have some fun. Others were reared in the back alley hab gangs and think they have something to prove.

All of them are looking to kill you.



Turbo Thugs Location

  •  Turbo Thugs can be found in __location__


Notes and Trivia about Turbo Thugs

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