Unhandled Exception

unhandled exception main mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Main Mission
Location MenShen
REC. Level Level 25
Boss n/a
Reward/s 500,000 XP
Prev. Mission Root Access
Next Mission New Game Plus

Unhandled Exception is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


I am inside. The only way out of this is to see through to the end.


Unhandled Exception Objectives

  1. Reach the MenShen Antechambers
  2. Close the MenShen Gate


Unhandled Exception Items

  • Items that drops from the enemies here are Random


Unhandled Exception Related NPCs


Unhandled Exception Enemies


Unhandled Exception Walkthrough

Reach the Antechamber

menshen facility unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

This final mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Root Access, you'll now find find yourself at the MenShen facility itself. The area is swarming with Ascender Combatants and other enemies, so make sure you have the Hyper Focus augmentation with you so that you can slow down incoming bullets. The Rejuv Field tactical will help you as well for sustainability and have a strong ballistic and energy weapon equipped.

menshen antechamber magnetic lock unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Follow the waymarker by pinging it until you reach a large gate leading to the antechamber which is locked. Your IMP will tehll you that it is magnetically locked and you will need the help of Noghead to unlock it. He'll tell you that you need to be within the area or simply close to the door as you fight through enemy reinforcements for a total of  1 minute and 30 seconds. Simply stay within the range which is indicated with a white circle on the ground, while you also defeat and clear out the enemies. Once the override is complete, you just need to go through the door ahead to reach the antechamber - some tips, bring a Machinegun weapon and Shotgun, equip the Rejuv Field tactical, Spiderbots and Razor Dronettes for the battle ahead.

Close the MenShen Gate

dakyne elite enemy unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Now, your goal is to override four access pannels to close the MenShen gate before the time runs out. And if you're playing solo, it won't be that easy! Once the battle starts, you'll see Dakyne here but she's easy to kill. Just use a ballistic-type weapon and shoot her down. What you want to watch out for is the never-ending horde of Ferals. That is why you need the Shotgun to kill multiple of them at once if they're near and the Spiderbots and Razor Dronettes augmentations since it has a short cooldown and can take out enemies that are grouped.

first panel unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Position yourself near the first panel which is on the far left side near the gate. When the coast is clear, take the brief window to override the panel. If you're low on health, a tip here is to throw your Rejuv Field while you are trying to discharge the panel, and then use Razor Dronettes or Spiderbots so that it can stop the Ferals trying to attack you. After you discharge the first panel, the combat gets tough. A Scatter, a couple of Ascender Combatants wielding assault rifles, and of course more Ferals will appear - take out the enemies and when the coast is breifly clear, discharge the second panel on the right from the first panel.

mg operatives encounter unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Once you've dischared the second panel, more difficult enemies will appear such as MG Operatives, a Dozer, a Papa Feral and more Ferals. Keep moving is another key here, if you need to take a break, pause the game if you must or hide behind cover if you've made a safe distance between the enemies coming after you. Before you discharge the third panel, you want to take your time here because a Papa Feral will spawn here in the middle of the battle. Another tactic you can do is killing the Ferals will help you farm and recharge the tactical gauge.

fighting black hackers unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

Upon discharging the third panel, things get tough from here since the game will throw everything at you. What you want to watch out for now are two Black Hacker enemies. TAKE THEM OUT ASAP. You'll find them hiding behind cover, so when you spot them, switch to a shotgun and even combo with Razor Donettes or Spiderbots to take them out easily. Once you've dealt with the hackers, everything you should be smooth for you, just take your time to kill the rest of the enemies such as the Ungrateful Merc and more Ascender Combatnants - race towards the last panel when the coast is briefly clear and discharge it to complete this final mission.

ycorp reinforcements arriving unhandled exception main mission walkthrough the ascent wiki guide 600px

A cutscene will automatically trigger after you discharge the last panel and fully closing the gate. Kira and her reinforcements will arrive and she will tell you that your contract with yCorp has been fulfilled and from here on, you are an independent contractor. Congratulations! You've beaten the main campaign, now, what's next? You can visit our New Game Plus page to learn more about the assets and features that are carried over after you finish the story. If you want to check the list of all missions, check out our Missions page - you'll return to Cluster 13 after the post-credits scene and obtain 500,000 XP as a reward.


Unhandled Exception Notes & Tips

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      Dealbreaker minugun/shotgun makes this mission a walk in a park, i don't know if this was intended, but i only got that weapon first time from the chest on the reactor map just few minutes earlier. also a tip if you didn't bring a rejuv field and need to recover health, keep juking and killing ferals for the hp drops between discharges

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