Board Meeting

Mission Type Main Mission
Location Ascent Group HQ
REC. Level Level 22
Boss 438 Hung
Reward/s 250,000 XP
Prev. Mission Recompile
Next Mission Root Access

Board Meeting is a Main Mission in The Ascent. Main Missions mainly focus on progressing the main campaign and story of the game where you explore the world of Veles to find out what has happened through the arcology. Completing missions grants various rewards such as Weapons, Armor, and more, but most importantly, it yields EXP that is allocated into leveling up the player's character.


Time to see the Ascent Group board and get some answers.


Board Meeting Objectives

  1. Reach the Boardroom
  2. Override the lock
  3. Defeat 438 Hung


Board Meeting Items

  • x1 Skill Point


Board Meeting Related NPCs


Board Meeting Enemies


Board Meeting Walkthrough

Investigate the Boardroom


This mission becomes immeditaely available after completing Recompile. You'll already be at the Ascent Group HQ, so all you need to do is head to the entrance of the boardroom. Once you're in, look to you left, and you'll find x1 Skill Point on the reception desk. Grab it and then move forwerd the boardroom's main door - your IMP will tell you that you need to override it to unlock the door.


From where you grabbed the skill point, go back to the reception's desk and interact with the security console behind the desk. This unlocks the door and you can now go inside the boardroom. A cutscene will then triiger where you'll find the members of the board dead. Kira then asks you to access the board room console to download the telemetry to witness what just happened - after learning about what transpired, a ship crashes through and 438 Hung appears who is eager to take you out.

Boss Battle: 438 Hung


For this boss battle against 438 Hung, he'll be accompanied by his left hand and right hand. The goal here is to take out his two minions first since one of them will try to hack you which can be a bit irritating if you don't take the hacker out first. Hung's Right Hand is the hacker, while Hung's Left Hand is the one fighting with firearms. Kill the right hand first, then the left hand, and then you can focus on defeating 438 Hung. If you see a mini drone that's following Hung or either of the right or left hand, you need to hack it with your Cyberdeck and shoot it down to stop it from negating your attacks.


As for Hung, he mainly has three attacks. One is where he slams his hammer on the ground and it creates a shockwave that goes out onto three directions in a straight line.Simply dash backward to avoid getting hit or if you're stuck in a corner, use th gaps between the shockwaves to avoid it. Second, he leaps into the air and lands on top of you, again dash at any direction just when he's about to land to avoid getting hit. And as for his third attack, he throws out a single bomb that tracks you.


You can shoot it down or bait it so that it lands on a surface. 438 Hung is not a mechanical enemy, so using a strong ballistic-weapoon or even a strong Excessive Weapon will be effective against him - simply defeat him to complete this mission.


Once you've defeated him, another cutscene will trigger and Kira will brief you with your final mission with the yCorp which is to locate project MenShen and to stop Dakyne from opening the gate. You'll be rewarded with 250,000 XP for completing this main mission - up next is


Board Meeting Notes & Tips

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