Papa Feral

Location Waste Recycling Network
Weakness Ballistic Damage
Reward/s UCREDs

Papa Feral is a Boss in The Ascent. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Papa Feral.


Papa Feral Location



Papa Feral Rewards

  • UCREDs



Papa Feral Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Your first encounter against the Papa Feral is during your first Main Mission which is Arcology Blues. This is when you escape the Waste Recycling Network and on your way back to The Warrens. Papa Feral has three attacks and at the same time, is accompanied by a few numbers of Ferals that spawn overtime until the battle is over. Since you have an SMG Machinegun, it's good that you can just keep shooting non-stop untl you reload. Take out the Ferals first as fast as you can and keep moving! That's the key to winning this match. Once Papa Feral is on its own, you can focus on attacking it before reinfcorements jump back in. Using the Shockwave Grenade is also a good counter against them since it breifly immobilzes their movement if they are caught by the blast radius.

Papa Feral's attacks consist of him leaping into the air and trying to land on the ground which deals damage and stagger if you get caught. Time your dodge roll just when he's about to land to avoid getting hit. He can also attack with his arm where he swings it if he is close to you, so maintain your distance. And for the third attack, he will shoot out a barrage of missiles which is easy to track since there will be red circular AoE marks that appear on the ground. This will help you identify where the missiles will land so simply move away from its blast radius to avoid the explosion. Again, the tactic here is to keep moving and shooting when there's an open window. Avoid getting outnumbered by the Ferals and do not get stuck to a corner. Defeating Papa Feral drops a large amoung of UCREDs.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Leap Attack Dodge Roll just when Papa Feral lands on you.
Melee Attack Avoid being in close contact with Papa Feral.
Missile Barrage Look at the ground to see multiple red circles which indicate where the missiles will land. Dodge roll to move away from the blast radius.



Papa Feral Lore

Only a very deranged individual would ever consider breeding ferals for their own twisted purposes. But the Papa Feral is a result of such germline meddling, focused on taking an already deadly specimen and weaponize it even further. The result is a slavering beast, whose amped up killer instinct make regular ferals seem like tame pets by comparison.


Papa Feral Notes & Trivia

  • Papa Feral appears as an elite enemy moving forward when you revisit areas such as the Deepstink



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