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Ungrateful Merc is one of the Enemies in The Ascent. Enemies in The Ascent refer to the list of hostiles beings that players encounter in battle when travelling through different Locations in the vast realm of Veles. Different enemies utilize different attack range, types of damage, and defenses. This page serves to include all relevant information about Ungrateful Merc.


Ungrateful Merc Background Information


Having survived countless encounters, these master shooters are experts in subterfuge, camouflage and long-range assassinations. Thankless Snipers are in high demand, though there are only a few of them around, and while they'd happily kill for free they're still able to command premium fees.

A distrust of advanced technology sees them rely primarily on bolt-action ballistic rifles. There's nothing more satisfying to them than seeing a slug blast through the head of healthy being not shorthanded by evolution.




Ungrateful Merc Location

  •  Ungrateful Merc can be found in __location__


Notes and Trivia about Ungrateful Merc

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