Location RBM-5, Sub-Sector 41A
Weakness Energy Damage
Reward/s UCREDs
30,000 XP

Megarachnoid is a Boss in The Ascent. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Megarachnoid.


Megarachnoid Location



Megarachnoid Rewards

  • UCREDs
  • 30,000 XP



Megarachnoid Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This boss is first encountered in RBM-5 during the Main Mission, Empowerment, once you obtain the objective to "Conceal the Train from the Tokamak SI". Before you take on this boss, it is important that you at least have a high level of 15 or above, make sure you invest on improving the following Skills which are: Weapon Handling and Aiming or Evasion and Vital Signs. You need to have better recovery when it comes to reloading, evading, a good amount of HP, and better aiming. If you don't have enough points, invest on buying Armor from an Armor Vendor that include bonuses on the mentioned skills.

As for equipment, you must have a strong Energy attack-based Weapon. You can purchase the ER Chrome Puncher for better precision when shooting if ever you don't have a strong energy Machinegun weapon. For Armor, you need to equip pieces that have high defense in Fire and Energy. While for Augmentations, the Hydraulic Slam can be useful and have the Rejuv Field tactical item equipped to increase your sustainability.

The weakness of this boss is Energy-based attacks, and with the ER Chrome Puncher you have a longer range to aim and shoot and it can precisely land its shots when you are shooting the small spiderbots. Now, the Megarachnoid will shoot out three mechanical eggs/pods that hatches the spiderbots or it will spawn those critters from itself. When it launches those pods, use your Cyberdeck to hack it which prevents it from hatching, and if you shoot it, you can use it as an environmental hazard that can explode, causing damage to both you and the enemy if you are caught within its radius. To indicate if it's hacked, the color turns from yellow or red to green.

If ever you don't kill the spiderbots in time and they come to a point where they are near you, these critters will prepare to leap onto you and explode, dealing energy damage and staggers you for a brief moment. If this happens, wait for a second and then dodge, if you dodge early, it's an assurance that they'll just leap on to where you dodge. So give it a brief moment and then dodge if ever you're caught.

As for the Megarachnoid itself, it uses a flamethrower which causes damage and sets you on fire if you get hit multiple times. If you do get covered in flames, start dodge rolling multiple times to extinguish the flames. Keep your distance from it and just keep shooting while you move around the area.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Mechanical Spider Pods/Eggs Hack it with your Cyberdeck and shoot it so that it explodes. Hacking it stops it from hatching and spawning more spiderbots.
Flamethrower Maintain a far distance or medium at least to avoid getting hit by the flames. If you do get set on fire, start dodge rolling multiple times to extinguish the flames.
Spiderbots Shoot it down or just bait it and then dodge for it to explode.
Melee Attack The Megarachnoid will attack you with its legs only if you are close to it.



Megarachnoid Lore

The Megarachnoid is intended as a second-wave assault mech. It's many legs allow it to negotiate tricky terrain and the mounds of debris left behind by more powerful units, such as the Wuyun Siege Mech. Once inside enemy lines it'll saw chaos and confusion with its focused flame lance. And while it moves about it can also deploy multiple pods containing deadly spiderbotds with proximity detonators. The pods can be hacked to prevent the spiderbots from hatching.


Megarachnoid Notes & Trivia

  • The Megarachnoid appears as an elite enemy moving forward when you revisit certain areas.



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