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Arcology Highstreet

Highstreet is a Location featured in The AscentLocations in The Ascent refer to all the specific areas within the futuristic arcology of Veles, which are now occupied by different Factions following the collapse of the mega-corporation, The Ascent Group. As a result, unique NPCs and Enemies can be found across different locations within The Ascent galaxy. This page serves to include all relevant information and data found in Highstreet.


Highstreet Information

Known by the habbers as “highStreet”, this is the primary corporate, commercial, and shipping center in the arcology. Here the local, but vastly influential Rojin Association holds sway and their garishly clad enforcers can be found prowling wherever the neon lights don’t fully reach. 

Squeezed as it is smack in the middle of the Arcology, highStreet does suffer from a bit of an identity crisis. The indents there rarely refer to themselves as such, so as not to get confused with the laHab scum below, but at the same time, they enjoy few, if any, of the benefits of those lucky individuals making their abode on the higher levels. Many hide behind thick layers of snobbery and arrogance, but in reality, they are as much beholden to their contracts as their lower and level brethren.



NPCs in Highstreet


Merchants in Highstreet


Enemies in Highstreet


Missions in Highstreet

Main Missions:

Side Missions:


Notes & Trivia in Highstreet

  • Access first granted in the 3rd step of the main mission Trading Places.



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