X-28 Havoc

Location The Cosmodrome
Weakness Energy Damage
Reward/s Propulsion Leap

X-28 Havoc is a Boss in The Ascent. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat X-28 Havoc.


X-28 Havoc Location



X-28 Havoc Rewards



X-28 Havoc Strategies

Strategy Writeup

This boss can easily be defeated IF YOU ARE USING THE RIGHT WEAPON TYPE AGAINST IT. For this battle, you want to have an energy-based weapon since you are fighting a mechanical-type boss. The Mono Ranger can be helpful here since it draws the attention of the boss and it shoots energy rounds from its gun. This boss only has three attacks, first is a barrage of large missiles which you can easliy identify where it will land, just make sure you are not within its blast radius to avoid getting hit.

For the second attack, it will shoot a cluster of smaller missles which covers a large area. When this happens, again, make sure to dodge away from the blast radius. You'll easily see it marked on the ground in small circles. As for its third attack, it will summon these small wheel mecs that work similar to the small spiderbots when you fought the Megarachnoid. This boss will fly up in the air, so make sure to aim high by pressing the right mouse button on PC and then Shoot with the left mouse button.

When you see those small red dots appear on the mini-map quickly take it out! If you have the Mono Ranger on the field, then it can draw its attention and you can shoot it down while it's distracted, The Havoc likes to fly up into the air, so make sure to press the Right Mouse Button so that you can aim up and shoot - defeat this boss to board the wrecked ship and to obtain a Propulsion Leap augment that's dropped by this boss. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Homing Missiles Shoots out slow moving homing missles on your last location. Red circles will appear on the ground. This indicates where the missiles will land. Simply dodge roll out of its radius.
Missile Barrage Releases a barrage of missiles in a large area. It covers a large area in multiple small circles, simply dodge away.
Mechanical Tires The X-28 Havoc summons a couple of mechanical tires, it works similar to the Spiderbots of the Megarachnoid. Shoot it down immediately when it spawns on the area and you see those red dots on the mini-map.



X-28 Havoc Lore

The X28 Havoc is a combat platform designed for speed, mobility, and area denial. A favorite with the Valpine Drop Troops, these airborne drones are not just fast and agile, but also quite lethal when their spray missiles come into play. Remember to look up!


X-28 Havoc Notes & Trivia

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