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The Node is a Location featured in The AscentLocations in The Ascent refer to all the specific areas within the futuristic arcology of Veles, which are now occupied by different Factions following the collapse of the mega-corporation, The Ascent Group. As a result, unique NPCs and Enemies can be found across different locations within The Ascent galaxy. This page serves to include all relevant information and data found in The Node.


The Node Information

If it has a price, you can find it in the Node. When the Ascent Group arcology was first constructed this area was zoned as a commodities auction exchange due to its close proximity to one of the major transportation hubs. A massive data exchange - the nodeTree - was constructed, to which prospective buyers and sellers could jack in (to ensure 100% secure transactions). The tree quickly grew in size, and sprouted many branches and subbranches, as the arcology itself grew busier and busier. 

It wasn't long before other services and smaller shops began popping up around the nodeTree, and as time went by and the tree itself fell into decline the area around it grew to become a busy hive of relentless commerce. Regular mega-brand outlets now stand wall to wall with micro pop-up stores, protein noodles stalls, licensed (and unlicensed) grafters, Nug "junk" shops, and anything else one might imagine that might be sold for uCreds. Everyone is trying to outdo one another with signage, to the point that corpSec has been forced to set energy consumption limits in relation to stall size, or the local fusion plant would likely overload.

The Node is also a place for any kind of non-corporate deal-making - non-corporate in the sense that it's unofficial, Plenty of corporations have reps roaming the Node, looking for the latest and greatest in fashion and technology, and sometimes dealing with less savory organizations such as Onyx Void, away from the prying eyes of the competition.



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