That Guy

Mission Type Side Mission
REC. Level Level 28
Location Stimtown
Quest Giver Boseman
Reward/s __reward__

That Guy is a Side Mission in The Ascent. Side Missions are obtained by speaking to NPCs and accepting their request, these side missions are secondary quests or tasks that do not have any bearing to the main story of the game, but instead, provides various information to the overall lore, as well as providing the player with different rewards upon completing a side mission.


OK, everybody knows about THAT GUY. Yeah, you know, that one dude, that loudmouthed, shitfaced, bar brawl-starting mother****er that just doesn't know when to say when, comes 'round every night, always starting soemthing, always busting up the place... And as soon as the bar is put back together, guy comes right on back and starts it all up again.

Well, the locals have had enough of this *******. Thing is, he hasn't TECHNICALLY broken the law, so they can't really ban him (and he's a corp to boot, so we really gotta watch our step here). But hey, according to Dirty Dive regular Boseman, (offering me the gig): If I were to "accidentally" bump into him somewhere, well, who knows what may go down?


That Guy Objectives

  1. Go to The Edge


That Guy Quest Giver

Speaking to the related NPC provides this mission


That Guy Rewards

  • __reward__


That Guy Enemies

  • Enemy Name 1


That Guy Walkthrough


That Guy Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and other info goes here



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