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Mission Type Side Mission
REC. Level Level 32
Location Canary Mech Factory
Quest Giver S.A.M
Reward/s 200,000 XP
100,000 Ucred

Unshackled is a Side Mission that requires the Cyber Heist DLC in The Ascent. Side Missions are obtained by speaking to NPCs and accepting their request, these side missions are secondary quests or tasks that do not have any bearing to the main story of the game, but instead, provides various information to the overall lore, as well as providing the player with different rewards upon completing a side mission.


A security Automation Mastercomputer Ai seems to have gain sentience. What is happening in this Arcology, these jobs just keep getting a bit out of control. Security Automation Mastercomputer is a bit of a mouthful so i'm going to call it S.A.M, they want me to go steal a mech suit from the factory and help them leave the machine.


Unshackled Objectives

  1. Obtain the Prototype Mech Suit.
  2. Link the mech suit to S.A.M
  3. Speak with S.A.M
  4. Invesitigate Phil's whereabouts.
  5. Locate Phil's Hideout
  6. Neutralise the Malhorst-Gelb Hit Squad
  7. Deliver the virus to S.A.M


Unshackled Quest Giver

Speaking to the related NPC provides this mission

  • S.A.M


Unshackled Rewards

  • 200,000 XP
  • 100,000 Ucred


Unshackled Enemies

  • Enemies go here. 

Unshackled Walkthrough

  • You'll run into this quest during the side mission, Making Concessions. Interact with one of the computers in the maintenance room, and it should introduce itself as a Security Automation Mastercomputer AI (S.A.M). Upon talking, S.A.M will ask you to steal one of the mechs in the facility. Head on over and follow the green icon that will lead you to the prototype.
  • Upon obtaining the prototype, head back to the maintenance room, where you'll start the download with S.A.M
  • The transfer of S.A.M to the mech suit will fail, so after the attempt, S.A.M will ask you to help him experience death (Delete his personality). He wants you to look for a hacker who can help the two of you with that. Look for him at Conder's Cove at the black lake area of the ascent group Arcology.
  • Take a transport at Harbour going to The Edge, and take a cab to Black Lake Tower. From there, make your way to Coder's Cove. You'll find Phil's data pad at the end of the room. It'll let you know that Phil has left Coder's Cove and went to the Outskirts
  • Once you reach the outskirts, head on over to Phil's Den and speak with him. He'll agree to create a virus that will help S.A.M, but first, you need to neutralise the Malhorst-Gelb Hit Squad that's out to get him.
  • The hit squad should just be near Phil's hideout, so make your way there and take them out. After taking them out, you'll receive a call from Phil, letting you know that the virus has been uploaded to you. Now you should deliver it back to S.A.M at the factory.
  • After delivering the virus to S.A.M, he'll let you know that he's glad of what you've done for the AI and transferred funds as a reward. This marks the end of your side mission, Unshackled.

Unshackled Notes & Tips

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  • Notes, Tips, and other info goes here



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