The Stash

the stash side mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Side Mission
REC. Level Level 5
Location Gratitude
Quest Giver Datapad
Reward/s 2,500 XP
Scorcher / Ucreds

The Stash is a Side Mission in The Ascent. Side Missions are obtained by speaking to NPCs and accepting their request, these side missions are secondary quests or tasks that do not have any bearing to the main story of the game, but instead, provides various information to the overall lore, as well as providing the player with different rewards upon completing a side mission.


I have come across a datapad that belonged to yet another of the countless victims of the street crime. The last entry mentions an item of sentimental value stashed away at an old pizzeria in Gratitude. In his dying wish, the man was hoping it would get delivered to one Iris, down in Cluster 13. Perhabs it would be the right thing to do just that.

The Stash Objectives

  1. Locate the Hidden stash. 
  2. Speak with Iris.

The Stash Quest Giver

Speaking to the related NPC provides this mission

  • Datapad


The Stash Rewards


The Stash Enemies

  • Enemies go here.


The Stash Walkthrough

  • From where you are, head over to Gratitude and locate Linus Pizza Palace to find the sentimental item.
  • Once you find the item, head on over to Cluster 13 and deliver it to Iris. This marks the end of this Side mission.


The Stash Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and other info goes here



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