Double Charge

double charge side mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Side Mission
REC. Level Level 7
Location Cluster 13
Quest Giver Beezelchek
Reward/s 2,200 XP
Stasis Stomp

Double Charge is a Side Mission in The Ascent. Side Missions are obtained by speaking to NPCs and accepting their request, these side missions are secondary quests or tasks that do not have any bearing to the main story of the game, but instead, provides various information to the overall lore, as well as providing the player with different rewards upon completing a side mission.


Mad scientists, am I right? What's not to love?? I mean, we're talking about former nerds bent on mastering the sciences in order to (somehow) get girls, having evolved into currents nerds bent on mastering the sciences in order to take over the world or make a whole ****ton of money.

Take our guy Beezelcheck here: total nerd. Major nutcase. But he just might make good on the whole "****ton of money" thing 'cuz let's face it, that deal where you teleport people sorta halfway?

Just put 'em into stasis until they completely explode? Properly weaponzied, could be a real nice money maker, REAL nice. So let's go get the guy some realtime battlefield data and see what's what, shall we?


Double Charge Objectives

  1. Overcharge Kills (10/10)
  2. Return to Beezelchek


Double Charge Quest Giver

Speaking to the related NPC provides this mission


Double Charge Rewards


Double Charge Enemies

  • Random


Double Charge Walkthrough


Double Charge Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and other info goes here



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    • It's poorly explained, but the stasis drone isn't meant to kill them on its own. If anything it can only kill worn-down enemies.
      The plan here is to use them like barrels: pop 'em with a slug, a bolt, some shot, what-have-you, and they'll puff up and, well, you may wanna bring along your BOOM stick for this one.

      The GX-34 is probably mentioned because of the description, but since it eats your Tactical slot, it probably won't help, and crowds of ferals are dangerous but it stacks nicely with Balls Deep so go for it!

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