Making Concessions

making concessions side mission the ascent wiki guide
Mission Type Side Mission
REC. Level Level 32
Location adminZone, Blush Response
Quest Giver Nielson
Reward/s 200,000 XP

Making Concessions is a Side Mission that requires the Cyber Heist DLC in The Ascent. Side Missions are obtained by speaking to NPCs and accepting their request, these side missions are secondary quests or tasks that do not have any bearing to the main story of the game, but instead, provides various information to the overall lore, as well as providing the player with different rewards upon completing a side mission.


Nielson is looking for a contractor, a job he doesn't want his hands to be dirtied with. Discretion is paramount to this mission and the less known about this task the better. I need to meet with a hacker and help set up a delay in production for the corporation making these matches. Get in, sabotage the production, get out. That's all I'm here for.


Making Concessions Objectives

  1. Speak with Griggs.
  2. Go to Apex Residential Complex.
  3. Scan ID credentials.
  4. Go to Canary Mech Factory.
  5. Enter Main Production Facility.
  6. Gain access to the assembly line chamber.
  7. Engage control room access override.
  8. Enter the control room.
  9. Install the virus.
  10. Exit the control room.
  11. Return to Nielson.


Making Concessions Quest Giver

Speaking to the related NPC provides this mission

  • Nielson


Making Concessions Rewards

  • 200,000 XP
  • Violator


Making Concessions Enemies

  • Enemies go here. 

Making Concessions Walkthrough

  • You can obtain this quest by making your way to the Blush Response Bar located in the adminZone. Go upstairs to the right side of the bar and accept Nielson's request. He'll ask you to sabotage the production at the Mech facility, and meet up with his Hired hacker first named Griggs.
  • Head on over to the right side of Harbour and follow the green icon leading to Grigg's Place, in room 911. Once you speak with Griggs, he'll let you know of his plan on implanting a virus into the production of the Mechs.
  • Go to Apex Residential Complex, and look for room 234. You'll find the Datapad of the Fall guy on a table in the middle of the room.
  • After getting what you need, make your way to the Mech Factory and enter the main production facility. You'll need to go through hordes of enemies and access the assembly line chamber. Once accessed, you'll need to take a lift and engage override to the control room access.
  • Enter the control room upon engaging override and install the virus. It's going to take some time before the virus installs, so stand your ground until the installation meter has been completed.
  • Once you finish the installation, go ahead and exit the control room. Meet up with Nielson at the Blush Response upon exiting the factory. This will mark the end of the side mission, Making Concessions.

Making Concessions Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and other info goes here



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