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Flamingo is an NPC in The Ascent. NPCs in The Ascent feature a group of interactive non playable characters, introduced across different Locations, each playing an important part in the lore. Each NPC thrive in the realm of Veles to fulfill different types of roles, such as being a Merchant, or acting as a Mission-provider. This page serves to include all relevant information about Flamingo.


Flamingo Background Information


Databrokers are a dime a dozen in the arcology, and most of them deal in subversive code on the side. Some maintain a close relationship with a select number of clients, while others offer their services to any customer with a healthy uCred stash.

Flamingo runs a brokerage in Cluster 13, and he is of the sort to maintain a tighter clientele as a way to stay under corpSec's radar. Not that corpSec matter much anymore, but old habits die hard. Flamingo is also a close friend of Sal Mon, ever since the two of them ran a scavenger shop near Tham's Gate back in the days.




Flamingo Location

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Flamingo Related Missions

Flamingo Main Missions:

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Flamingo Side Missions:

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Notes and Trivia about Flamingo

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