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Voit is an NPC in The Ascent. NPCs in The Ascent feature a group of interactive non playable characters, introduced across different Locations, each playing an important part in the lore. Each NPC thrive in the realm of Veles to fulfill different types of roles, such as being a Merchant, or acting as a Mission-provider. This page serves to include all relevant information about Voit.


Voit Background Information


In a different era Voit might have been called a Flower Child, except he's never seen a real flower, and he hates children. For Voit it's all about the high--a beautiful, peace-loving high, as long as it doesn't interfere with business. And as long as his cook delivers on schedule. If things don't run like clockwork, well, then Voit gets all bent out of shape. And that's just ain't cool, man... That, like, totally harshes his mellow.

One of the finest cooks in the biz, Voit and his crew have been known to manufacture varieties of snooze that, shall we say, open certain kinds of "doors" - metaphysical doors if you will, doors to other dimensions, to other realities...  Of course what you do with his stuff once you get it in your eager little hands is your business, sure - we ain't yer mom and pop. Just be careful, is all we're sayin'. This stuff is nuclear grade mind-blowing.




Voit Location

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Voit Related Missions

Voit Main Missions:

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Voit Side Missions:

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Notes and Trivia about Voit

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