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Taoka is an NPC in The Ascent. NPCs in The Ascent feature a group of interactive non playable characters, introduced across different Locations, each playing an important part in the lore. Each NPC thrive in the realm of Veles to fulfill different types of roles, such as being a Merchant, or acting as a Mission-provider. This page serves to include all relevant information about Taoka.


Taoka Background Information

A Rojin Enforcer often found in the Dreamworld Club, who has several rackets going on the side. Might offer the occasional job, but taking one is no guarantee that other Rojin will leave you alone.


Taoka Location


Taoka Related Missions

Taoka Main Missions:

  • n/a

Taoka Side Missions:


Notes and Trivia about Taoka

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    • Anonymous

      There is a catch: BEFORE you're able to finish this quest, you MUST conclude the "Lost and Found" mission from the main questline. You simply can't talk with Taoka before it. It's not a broken quest; the game simply doesn't explain the requirements to finish it. (This can be patched later; this note refers to the launch version of the game)

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