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Clobber is an NPC in The Ascent. NPCs in The Ascent feature a group of interactive non playable characters, introduced across different Locations, each playing an important part in the lore. Each NPC thrive in the realm of Veles to fulfill different types of roles, such as being a Merchant, or acting as a Mission-provider. This page serves to include all relevant information about Clobber.


Clobber Background Information

Being Poone's second can't be an easy job and Clobber would deserve some sympathy if he wasn't such a bloody wanker himself. Clobber was once a handyman, until Poone decided to pull him from the gutter, i.e sublevels, to become his personal purse holder. Nowadays Clobber handles all the practical stuff Poone can't be bothered with, whether it be rent collecting, indent morale boosting or jut acting as a grumpy firewall between any indent complaint and Poone himself.  


Clobber Location

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Clobber Related Missions

Clobber Main Missions:

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Clobber Side Missions:

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Notes and Trivia about Clobber

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