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Ariel is an NPC in The Ascent. NPCs in The Ascent feature a group of interactive non playable characters, introduced across different Locations, each playing an important part in the lore. Each NPC thrive in the realm of Veles to fulfill different types of roles, such as being a Merchant, or acting as a Mission-provider. This page serves to include all relevant information about Ariel.


Ariel Background Information


Ariel is a Jachalan water merchant. Ever heard the phrase "I wouldn't sell you the sweat off a dead dog's balls"? Well Ariel would absolutely sell you the sweat off a live Karlan's balls - off of a whole bunch of Karlans in fact. And that is exactly what he does when he sells Karlan bathwater, used, to the uber rich way up in the Pinnacle, at  the top of the arcology. Some will claim that Ariel's "Certified Karlan Agua Pura" tastes like anything you'd get out of a reasonably clean faucet in the loHabs. But those uncouth detractors are clearly not in possession of the oh-so-refined palate required to appreciate what the hiHabbers in the Pinnacle call "The Elixir of th Gods".

But that's neither here nor there. What IS here is the fact that Ariel, as of this moment, is running a little low on supply. So looks like you're gonna have to top him up. Find that bathhouse, and find those Karlans!




Ariel Location

  •  Ariel can be found in __location__


Ariel Related Missions

Ariel Main Missions:

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Ariel Side Missions:

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Notes and Trivia about Ariel

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