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physical icon weapon equipment stat the ascent wiki guide Physical __physical__
energy icon damage type the ascent wiki guide min Energy __energy__
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__att__ __attstat__
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Nomad is a DLC Head Armor piece from the Cyber Warrior Pack in The Ascent. Armor can be located in the Armor tab and are categorized under three types in total: Head Armor, Torso Armor, and Legs Armor, each having its own statistical values, bonuses, and unique effects. Armor pieces are usually obtained as rewards from completing missions, purchased from merchants, looted from various Locations, and are dropped by Enemies or Bosses.


basic head protection
An old-school helmet that’s mainly used when working outside of settlements in rough environments. Whilst not offering the latest in tech and features, it still provides solid protection against having your head bashed in.


Nomad Information


  • Physical Defense: __physical__
  • Energy Defense: __energy__
  • Digital Defense: __digital__
  • Fire Defense: __fire__


  • __att__: __attstat__


  • __boosts__: __boostno__


Where to Find Nomad

  • This item a DLC is item that can be obtained after downloading the Cyber Warrior Pack DLC.
  • Nomad (Armor) and Feud Banner (Armor) will unlock after completion of Mission 8, “Syntax Error”. Visit an armor vendor to get these items.


Nomad Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here



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