Cyber Warrior Pack

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Name The Ascent - Cyber Warrior Pack
Release Date February 24, 2022
Genre  Action-RPG
Platform/s Windows (Steam)
Xbox Consoles
PlayStation Consoles
Price  $4.99 (Cyber Warrior Pack)
$29.99 (Base Game)
Developer Neon Giant
Publisher Curve Games

Cyber Warrior Pack for The Ascent is a DLC pack available for purchase on designated platforms. Cyber Warrior Pack adds new features to the game and allows players gain access to new features and aesthetic pieces. This pack includes new weapons, armor sets, as well as additional weapon skins. 


Cyberpunk meets Samurai with the Cyber Warrior Pack! Stand out in Veles like the Cyber Warrior you deserve to be, with this Samurai inspired look, including 2 new weapons, 1 new tactical, 7 pieces of armor and 3 new weapon skins.


Cyber Warrior Pack Key Features

  • 2 new weapons
  • 1 new tactical
  • 7 pieces of armor
  • 3 new weapon skins


Cyber Warrior Pack Overview 

A Cyberpunk Samurai pack with new armor and aesthetic pieces to with the new weapons and tactical devices that are included with this pack.  


How do I Download the Cyber Warrior Pack?

This content requires the base game, The Ascent, to play.

  • The base game, The Ascent must be owned or purchased before the Cyber Warrior Pack can be accessed. It is currently available on PC, Xbox (and GamePass), and more recently, PlayStation consoles.
  • This DLC will be available for purchase online from various online store platforms such as Steam on the PC.


How do I access the Cyber Warrior Pack Content?

This content requires the base game, The Ascent, to play. Some items require some progression before it can be accessed. Players with the Cyber Warrior Pack will unlock the following items as they progress in the game:

  • Glitch Green, Glitch Red and Ultra (weapon skins) are unlocked right away. You can apply them by visiting any Gun Smith or Grafter.
  • PLM22 Surge (Tactical), Brosnan (Weapon), Interuptor (Weapon), Feud Mask (Armor), Feud Vest (Armor) and Feud trousers (Armor) will unlock after completion of Mission 2, “Mutual Dependencies”. Visit the relevant vendor (Cyber vendor for the tactical, Weapon vendor for weapons and Armor vendor for amor) to get these items.
  • Feud Helmet (Armor) and Feud Armor (Armor) will unlock after completion of Mission 4, “Empowerment”. Visit an armor vendor to get these items.
  • Nomad (Armor) and Feud Banner (Armor) will unlock after completion of Mission 8, “Syntax Error”. Visit an armor vendor to get these items.


Cyber Warrior Pack New Features

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Cyber Warrior Pack Weapons

  • Brosnan, a ballistic automatic rifle: low calibre ammunition combined with extreme exit speed allows for piercing bullets to cut through most obstacles, puncturing intestines and plating alike.
  • Interuptor, a new special weapon: stasis tech cleverly applied to live ammunition, allowing for great crowd control and pure blue chaos when used right!

Cyber Warrior Pack Tactical

  • PLM22 Surge, a lethal mine: mainly used as a defence against monobot and robot units, these charged proximity mines comes packed with a very strong digital blast that'll fry most nearby systems.


Cyber Warrior Pack Armor

  • Feud Vest, Basic torso protection
    Light and unrestrictive. The Feud vest allows for great flexibility and doesn't hinder your movement. A good choice when speed and efficiency are important.
  • Feud Armor, medium torso protection
    The main piece in the Feud line. It offers full upper body protection without slowing you down. If you want a true Cyber Warrior experience, this is for you.
  • Feud Banner, advanced torso protection
    What could possibly make the Feud Armor better? It carries with it many of the properties from the original armor but with a slightly more premium build.
  • Nomad, basic head protection
    An old-school helmet that’s mainly used when working outside of settlements in rough environments. Whilst not offering the latest in tech and features, it still provides solid protection against having your head bashed in.
  • Feud Mask, medium head protection
    The mark piece for the Cyber Warrior kit. You don't need to fake a smile with this on. It does a decent job of protecting your face while also boosting several aspects of the wearer.
  • Feud Helmet, advanced head protection
    The full headpiece for the Cyber Warrior kit. If you want to put fear in your enemies, this is the answer. Thanks to very light material, it allows for great manoeuvrability despite its large size.
  • Feud Trousers, medium leg protection
    A set of fairly neutral trousers that goes with the Cyber Warrior Feud set. Offering a safeguard against your shins, the Feud Trousers complete Cyber Warrior experience.

Cyber Warrior Pack Skins

  • 2 new animated weapon skins: Glitch Green and Glitch Red
  • 1 new weapon skin: Ultra


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