zell boss the ascent wiki guide
Location Malhorst-Gelb Military Base
Weakness Melee Damage
Reward/s UCREDs

Zell is a Boss in The Ascent who is available in the Cyber Heist DLC. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Zell.


Zell Location

  • Malhorst-Gelb Military Base



Zell Rewards

  • UCREDs



Zell Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Your first encounter with Zell is during a cutscene near the end of the Cyber Heist DLC Mission Find & Replace where he assassinates Dr. Lindtrom. You get to fight against him at the end of the Critical Resource mission to retrieve the Ruby. Zell only uses two attacks that are more for range. He never attacks you head on. You can choose to attack with Melee Weapons since he takes more damage from it than your regular guns. He starts off with two companions, so take them out first or use Rat Bite to control and have one of them fight for you.

Zell usually leaps around the area to prevent you from getting precise hits or shots on him. Be alert though, this is also his way of preparing his attacks on you. One of his first attacks is a locked on shot from his rifle. You can either use cover or use your mobility to avoid getting shot at. After his shot fails, take the short time that you have to move closer to him and attack him consecutively with your melee weapon. His second attack involves him leaving bombs while leaping. Avoid the bombs indicated by the circular markers by jumping to the spaces that the bombs won't land on, and sprint to him for more melee damage. One of the key points to win this Boss battle is to always get cover and dodge at the right time. Defeating Zell drops a large amount of UCREDs.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Locked on Sniper Shot Take advantage of the cover around you. Zell can't shoot you behind cover.
Explosive Barrage There are multiple circular markers that will appear on the arena, allowing you to identify where the bombs will explode upon landing on the ground. Look closely to where the bombs will land, and jump to the spaces where the bombs won't land.



Zell Lore

A psychopath Jachalan who kills for a sport. Zell is that type of being. As Malhorst-Gelb's head of security, his marksmanship is one of his key features. Mix that with his killer instincts, then you've got a big problem in your hands if you get in his way.


Zell Notes & Trivia

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      genuine disdain for how tanky his minions are. They can face tank just about anything you can throw at them. They should probably cut their HP down a little on solo just so you don't get curbstomped whenever you're trying to play the new DLC

      boss itself is fine though

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