Winter Pack

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Name The Ascent - Winter Pack
Release Date December 15, 2021
Genre  Action-RPG
Platform/s Windows (Steam)
Xbox Consoles
PlayStation Consoles
Price Free (Winter Pack)
$29.99 (Base Game)
Developer Neon Giant
Publisher Curve Games

Winter Pack for The Ascent is a DLC pack available for free on designated platforms to fit the season. Winter Pack adds new apparels to the game to add to the long list of looks and aesthetic combinations. This includes a new makeshift hand grenade and three new fashion apparels.


To celebrate the festive season, we're giving all players The Winter Pack as a free gift, it is the season of giving after all!

Winter Pack Key Features

New Fashion Apparel and a new hand grenade:

  • A new makeshift hand grenade
  • Three new fashion apparels


Winter Pack Overview

A free additional Winter pack dedicated made especially for the holiday season. Download the pack for free for new fashion items and a new hand grenade to add more festivity to your game


How do I Download the Winter DLC?

This content requires the base game, The Ascent, to play.

  • The base game, The Ascent must be owned or purchased before the Cyber Warrior Pack can be accessed. It is currently available on PC, Xbox (and GamePass), and more recently, PlayStation consoles.
  • This DLC will be available as a free download from various online store platforms such as Steam on the PC.


How do I access the Winter Pack Content?

This content requires the base game, The Ascent, to play. To unlock the Winter Pack for free, click download on Steam and find the items by vising the relevant vendors and it will be available for purchase.


Winter Pack New Features

Winter Pack Hand Grenade

  • Snowball: Throw with the intent to stagger but not kill - to be jolly and not homicidal. A snowball fight is a always fun and games, until someone loses an eye. Remember, play ice!

Winter Pack Skins

  • Buttercup headgear: 'Tis the season of a strange Veles. Horrible visibility, highly flammable and with questionable street cred.
  • Red Danger headgear: Warm your nose and make a statement to boot. A bright red nose like a true alpha, and antlers for immediate intimidation. Don't listen to the fools that say you look silly.
  • Festive shirt: A festive Winter T-shirt


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