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Waste Recycling Network is a Location featured in The AscentLocations in The Ascent refer to all the specific areas within the futuristic arcology of Veles, which are now occupied by different Factions following the collapse of the mega-corporation, The Ascent Group. As a result, unique NPCs and Enemies can be found across different locations within The Ascent galaxy. This page serves to include all relevant information and data found in Waste Recycling Network.


Waste Recycling Network Information

It's better not to consider too deeply what the massive pipes on this sublevel contain. Connecting to all tiers and levels of the Arcology above, the Waste Recycling Network gathers unfathomable quantities of well, waste, and transports them here. Where an SI is tasked with sorting and recycling that which can be recycled. The rest is dumped further down into the deepStink sublevels where it's gathered in large pools for later disposal. Some of it is sold to other arcologies, some of it is used as fuel, and some of it is just left to rot - often becoming a fertile breeding ground for ferals of all sizes.

It should be noted that not everything flowing through these rusty pipes consists of garbage or excrement. Some of it is the actual recycled remains of those indents who have opted out of their post-mortem preservation contract (which many do due to the high subscription fees it commands).



NPCs in Waste Recycling Network


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