The Distant Goggles

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 Type Head

The Distant Goggles is a Cosmetic Item in The Ascent. Fashion and Cosmetic Items were introduced to the game along with Transmogrification after the 5th update. These fashion items can be found and purchased from the Armor Vendor. Unlike Armor, Cosmetic items do not affect a players stats, but can be equipped to modify a players overall appearance depending on whether it is a head, torso or leg piece. 


A very sightly set of goggles. The style has become popular outside of the Arcology and is finally getting more available here as well.


The Distant Goggles Information

  • Type: Head


Where to Find The Distant Goggles

  • This item can be obtained after downloading the Chongqing Pack DLC
  • The Distant Goggles can be purchased from the Armor Vendor for 16,500 ucredits icon vendor currency the ascent wiki guide 20px UCREDs.


The Distant Goggles Notes, Tips, & Trivia

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