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Service Offered Transmogification

Stylist is a Merchant in The Ascent. A merchant is a classification of an NPC where players can purchase and sell various items and equipment in exchange for ucredits icon vendor currency the ascent wiki guide 20pxUCREDs (Money). Merchants appear in various Locations. especially in citites or hubs such as Cluster 13, it is important as well to remember that a merchant's inventory updates everytime you complete a Main Mission, so make sure to check a shop to find new items added for sale.


Stylist Information

  • A Stylist can make you look the way You want. Visit one if you want to change your appearance while keeping the attributes of any armor you're wearing "underneath" the new style.

  • Once a visual style is applied, you're free to equip any armor you see fit based on their gameplay properties without it showing.

  • You can assume any visual style of any armor currently in your inventor.

  • To remove the style, just visit a Stylist agian and ask him to have it removed, free of charge.

  • The Stylist is the vendor in charge of the new Transmogrification feature that allows players to modify the appearance of their armor in exchange forucredits icon vendor currency the ascent wiki guide 20px uCRED. New Fashion Items and Cosmetics were released to kick off this new feature.
  • If you are out of ucredits icon vendor currency the ascent wiki guide 20pxUCREDs, you can sell duplicate Weapons, Armor, Tactical Items, Augmentations, and Modules.


Stylist Location

Located in every safe zone



Stylist Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia



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