Stats & Attributes in The Ascent refers to the numerical values that define the strengths and capabilities of the player's character. Stats are determined by your player level and equipment that are worn, this page covers a list of the different stats and attributes in The Ascent.

Levelling Up

Complete mission, collect bounties and defeat enemies to gain XP. When levelling up, you grow stronger (more damage) are rewarded with new Skill Points.

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Attributes is the base of high level functionality of your enhanced body. It drives the efficiency of your installed augmentation abilities.

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The Ascent Stats & Attributes

cybernetics icon attribute stat the ascent wiki guide Cybernetics (Head)

Focuses on improving tactical and intuitive abilities. This would include skills such as Tactical Sense and Critical Hit Rate.

Affected Skills:

Items that boost Head:

Augmentations affected by Cybernetics:


motorics icon attribute stat the ascent wiki guide Motorics (Upper Body)

The ability to handle equipment and control motor abilities. Focuses on specialized equipment, and weapon handing. This would affect skills such as aiming.

Affected Skills:

Items that Boost Motorics:

Augmentations affected by Motorics




The Ascent Status Effects




Getting hit from any source of attack that has heat such as firearms with heat or explosions from barrels or vehicles will cause your character or the enemy to be caught in flames. To remove this effect, do multiple combat rolls to extinguish the flames.


Some enemies will deploy healing stations that will heal their HP if they are within the AoE. You can destroy it by shooting the device. You can also deploy your own healing station when you use Rejuv Field.


Getting hit by energy based attacks or explosions will cause both the enemy and the chracter to be briefly impaired with their movements.


Digital damage comes from enemies that try to hack you. When you see a yellow dome that appear on your location, then that means there's a hacker type enemy nearby. This deals digital daamge to your brain if you don't counter-attack it or move away from the hacking zone. You can counter-attack by using your Cyberdeck.


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      is there any where i can find all attributes listed with a brief explanation of what each one do without having to click each piece of gear individually?

      • Anonymous

        Depending on which attributes / Skills you level up your character will have more or less visible cybernetics on the respective part of their model.

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